Barcelona’s Dramatic Draw Against Granada: Disallowed Goal Sparks Controversy! 🌟


October 8, 2023, witnessed another exhilarating chapter in La Liga as Barcelona clawed their way to a dramatic 2-2 draw against Granada. This match not only had the fans on the edge of their seats but also opened up a can of worms in terms of a controversial refereeing decision. 🤔

📌Table of Contents

  1. Match Overview
  2. Barcelona’s Fightback
  3. The Disallowed Goal
  4. Expert Takes on the Controversy

1. Match Overview⚽

Granada, playing with an impressive zeal, took an early lead with goals in the 1st and 29th minute, both credited to the sharpshooter Brian Zaragoza. His early goal, coming just 17 seconds post the initial whistle, caught Barcelona off-guard. The visitors’ defensive lapse in the midfield allowed Granada to capitalize and steer the ball past Ter Stegen.

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2. Barcelona’s Fightback🔥

However, the Blaugrana didn’t crumble. They mounted a series of attacks and finally saw a glimmer of hope when Lamin Yamal found the net in the 45+1 minute, a brilliant setup by João Félix. As the game progressed, Barcelona’s relentless pursuit for an equalizer finally paid off when Sergi Roberto’s strike in the 86th minute found its mark, leveling the score.


3. The Disallowed Goal⛔

In what was a pulsating end to the match, João Félix headed a ball into Granada‘s net in the dying moments. But to the dismay of Barça fans, the referee adjudged Ferran Torres offside, even though he didn’t touch the ball. This decision split opinions and became the talk of the town.

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4. Expert Takes on the Controversy🎙

Perez Borul, a respected refereeing expert, weighed in on the hot topic during his stint with Radio Marca. He stated, “The referee’s decision to disallow the goal was correct. Ferran was in an offside position and influenced the play by attempting to head the ball.”

However, Barcelona’s coach, Xavi Hernandez, had a contrasting view. Post-match, he expressed his disappointment, saying, “It’s a shame that the third goal was disallowed. Ferran was not interfering with the play, as the ball was ahead of him.”

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Barcelona’s Dramatic Draw

“Barcelona’s Dramatic Draw Against Granada: The Controversial Decision That Changed Everything!”


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