The Netherlands beats Qatar and takes the top spot in Group A

Netherlands -Qatar -Played on 11/ 29/ 2022

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The Dutch national team won the first group in the Qatar World Cup 2022, after its victory over its Qatari counterpart, 2/0, in the match that was held between them this evening at Al-Bayt Stadium at the end of the group matches.

The goals of the Netherlands were scored by Cody Jakobo and Frenkie de Jong in the 26th and 49th minutes.

The match was mid-level, the Dutch team dominated most of its periods, and succeeded in settling its affairs with minimal effort.

With this result, the Dutch national team’s balance increased to 7 points, leading them to the summit of Group A, while Qatar’s balance remained empty of points after receiving the third consecutive loss.

first half

The start of the match came quickly by the two teams, although the preference was clear to the Dutch team, which dominated the course of things early in an attempt to settle its affairs by scoring a goal and ending the conflict in the first group, regardless of the outcome of the match between Senegal and Ecuador.

The Dutch national team took the initiative to organize more than one attack that posed a threat to the goal of Qatar goalkeeper Meshaal Barshim and his defense, which underwent great pressure from the first minute of the confrontation.

Over time, the Qatari team began to enter the atmosphere of the match and tried to exchange attacks with its opponent, but its attempts did not live up to the real danger to the Dutch goal.

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First goal

Y era natural que el control holandés se tradujera en un gol ya anotado en el minuto 26, que vio el estreno para Holanda a través de Cody Jacobo después de que éste se metiera al área penal y marcara a puerta.

The Qatari team’s attempts at the Dutch goal increased after the first goal, and it actually controlled the course of events, after its opponent suddenly retreated after the goal and it seemed as if it had settled for this goal in the first half, but Al-Annabi’s attempts remained timid without real danger.

Second half

The Dutch team started the second half looking for the second goal, which was actually achieved after less than 5 minutes when Tim Barr set off from the right and passed a cross that bounced off the Qatari defense and goalkeeper Meshaal Barshim to find Frenkie de Jong, who did not hesitate to shoot it into the goal. scoring the second goal in the 49th minute.

A state of calm prevailed after the Dutch goal, and the ball was confined to the middle of the field many times in the match, with the exception of a few attacks from the two teams that did not live up to the required danger, with the exception of a Dutch shot in the last minutes that hit the crossbar.

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