Alves reveals the scenes of his return to Barcelona

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Alves reveals the scenes of his return to Barcelona… and his new position with the team

Alves reveals the scenes of his return to Barcelona!!

Brazilian Daniel Alves revealed the backstage of his return to Barcelona, indicating that he will be at the center of the wing.

Daniel Alves moves to Barcelona in a free transfer deal.

Alves broke his contract with Sao Paulo last September before moving to Barcelona on November 12.

At a conference he presented to Barcelona: “For me, it’s a great honor to be able to wear a Barcelona shirt again. I have a chance to continue living the most beautiful things in the world. We have so many wonderful moments and that’s why it is said that we are more than just a club.

It was a very special day. Being able to wear a Barcelona shirt and go into the locker room is very special. Talking to my colleagues who are still fighting and getting to know the new guys, I felt like I was at home,” he said.

I’ve remembered so many things I’ve experienced and tried to bring a little joy. Lately, this is a good time to change things. It’s time to pool our strength to turn the club around again,” he continued.

He continued, “In our lives many things change, but the will and the spirit to fight I will always have.

I accept the challenge because our strength is always in the fans.

I wanted to go back to this club, which gave me everything,” he say.

He wanted to rely on me and my salary was not important to me. I just need to support my family, and the rest is secondary to me. I can play more than one line, but now I am practicing my current position,” he said.

Asked about his desire to play classics, he said: “I certainly want to. It’s the most special game you can play, especially when you’re a Barcelona player.

If I can help Barcelona until June, I can go quietly, and based on the results, we will see,” he said. “I have to look good to keep going. If it doesn’t, I will take the bag and leave myself.

Alfeesh played 391 games with Barcelona, scoring 21 goals, scoring 101 goals, and winning 25 championships.

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