America ends the Iranian dream and reaches the final round of 16 World Cup

video goals: #Iran#USA – Played on 11/29/ 2022

The United States joined the ranks of the qualifiers for the final 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, after defeating Iran with a goal without a response, this evening, Tuesday, in the match that was held at Al-Thumama Stadium, at the end of the second group matches.

America’s only goal was scored by Christian Pulisic in the 38th minute.

With that result, America raised its score to 5 points, in second place, behind leaders England with 7 points, while Iran’s balance was frozen at 3 points, to bid farewell to the tournament from the first round.

The United States formed the first danger in the match in the ninth minute, with a shot from Moses from the edge of the area that went wide of the goal.

Pulisic went up to a cross in the 11th minute, hitting a weak header that went easily into Beranvard’s hand.

America returned to try in the 28th minute after Sargent hit a ball from the border of the area, which collided with Iran’s defense, and Weah followed it up with a header that was blocked by Iran’s goalkeeper.

Sargent then paved the ball for Loyah inside the area in the 33rd minute, and the latter fired a powerful ball that went over the crossbar.

The United States opened the scoring in the 38th minute, after Dest sent a magic pass with the head inside the 6-yard area, followed by Pulisic with a direct shot that hit the net.

And America searched for adding the second goal in the 42nd minute, by receiving a longitudinal through Sargent on the right side of the penalty area, after which he hit a powerful ground ball, which went far from the goal, to end the first half with America’s lead (1-0).

America started the second half with a ground shot from Sargent from inside the penalty area in the 47th minute, which was caught twice by Iran’s goalkeeper.

Iran appeared offensively for the first time in the match in the 52nd minute, with substitute Quddous following up a cross, hitting a header over the crossbar.

Iran wasted an opportunity to adjust in the 65th minute, after Gulzadeh passed a magic ball to Quddous inside the area, so the latter hit a ball that passed just past the post.

And America got a violation at the borders of the region in the 69th minute, which Moses executed with a direct shot over the crossbar.

Iran tried to adjust in the 70th minute, with a shot from outside the area through Ezzat Allah, which went over the crossbar.

In the 82nd minute, Turabi crossed from a foul, hitting a weak ball from inside the area, which Tierney caught.

Iran almost tied the score in the third minute of stoppage time, as Bournahaji followed a cross from a mistake, hit a header that passed near the post, and the match ended with America winning (1-0) and qualifying for the round of 16.

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