Arsenal defeats Chelsea to retake the league’s top


With a crucial 1-0 victory over Chelsea on Sunday afternoon at Stamford Bridge, at the top of the 15th round of games, Arsenal defeats Chelsea reclaimed first place in the English Premier League.

Chelsea FC – Arsenal -Played on 11/06/ 2022

Brazilian defender Gabriel Magallaes scored the lone goal for Arsenal in the 63rd minute.

As a result, Arsenal moved up to first position in the standings with 34 points, while

Chelsea’s score remained frozen at 21 points, placing them in eighth.

Arsenal’s first shot of the game, a header from Gabriel that was off-target, came in the first

minute of play.

In the seventh minute, Arsenal made another attempt, but White’s shot from outside the

box missed the target.

In the 10th minute, White again struck the ball from within the box, but this time it barely

missed the post.

Martinelli’s attempt from the edge of the area in the 17th minute, which continued Arsenal’s

march toward the Chelsea goal, flew over the crossbar.

When Martinelli crossed the ball to Jesus in the area in the 28th minute, who was


unrestricted, Arsenal had a great opportunity to score.

In the 62nd minute, Jesus entered the right side of the penalty area and struck a hard ball

that Mendy brilliantly deflected for a corner kick.

Arsenal defeats Chelsea

After Saka sent a cross from a corner kick that flew in front of everyone and Gabriel followed it with a shot from the goal line that went into the goal, Arsenal scored their first goal in the 63rd minute.
After Saka followed a ball away from Chalobah inside the box and fired a strong effort that went wide in the 68th minute, Arsenal nearly added a second goal.

When Odegaard received the ball inside the area in the 75th minute following a rapid attack, Jesus surged from midfield and tricked Silva and Cech before passing the ball. Odegaard then struck a curving shot that cleared the crossbar.
Throughout the remaining minutes of play, neither team managed to create any more opportunities, and Arsenal ultimately prevailed 1-0.


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