Atlético Madrid Crushes Celtic 6-0, Secures Top Spot in European Group


Atlético Madrid Dominates Celtic with a 6-0 Victory

Atlético Madrid asserts its dominance in the UEFA Champions League, securing the top spot in Group F with a stunning 6-0 victory over Celtic. Explore the thrilling details of the match as Griezmann and Morata shine with two goals each.

🚀 Atlético Madrid’s Resounding Victory

Atlético Madrid showcased a spectacular performance as they clinched the top spot in Group F of the UEFA Champions League with an overwhelming 6-0 triumph over Celtic. The resounding victory propelled Atlético to 8 points, establishing them as a formidable force in the competition.

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⚽ Griezmann and Morata Lead the Charge

The dynamic duo of French forward Antoine Griezmann and Spanish striker Álvaro Morata stole the spotlight, each netting two goals in a dazzling display of skill and precision. Griezmann found the back of the net in the 6th and 60th minutes, while Morata contributed goals in the 45th and 76th minutes.

🏟️ Spectacle at the Wanda Metropolitano

The iconic Wanda Metropolitano stadium was witness to a football spectacle, with Griezmann and Morata assuming starring roles. The crowd erupted as Atlético Madrid’s attacking prowess unfolded on their home turf.


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🥇 Group Standings: Atlético on Top

With this commanding victory, Atlético Madrid surged to the top of Group F with 8 points. Following closely is Lazio in second place with 7 points, then Feyenoord in third with 6 points, while Celtic lags behind in the last position with a solitary point.

⚡ Griezmann’s Early Brilliance

Griezmann wasted no time asserting his dominance, scoring two early goals in the 6th minute and completing his brace in the 60th minute. His clinical finishing showcased why he remains a key player for Atlético.

🔥 Morata’s Clinical Strikes

Morata, equally impressive, displayed clinical finishing with goals in the 45th and 76th minutes. His ability to find the back of the net added significant firepower to Atlético’s attacking lineup.

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⚽ Leno and Niguez Join the Scorers

Completing the goal-scoring spectacle, Samuel Leno and Saúl Ñíguez added their names to the scoresheet with goals in the 66th and 85th minutes, respectively. Atlético’s diverse attacking options were on full display.

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