Barcelona news today: what did Trincao tell Barcelona & Koeman?

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What did Francisco Trincao tell Barcelona?

The 21-year-old former Braga youth training system coach believes that the transfer to Camp Nou in 2020 is difficult. They told Francisco Trincao that his transfer to Barcelona was at the wrong time, and he worked with the former coach of the youth training. The team waited for problems at the Nou Camp, Ronald Combe took the helm and signed a series of contracts with Lionel Messi.

The highly rated winger reached a deal with the La Liga giants in January 2020.

After his hometown of Portugal, Braga, withdrew from the youth training system, his potential was noticed.

Trinco played 42 games for Barcelona last season, scoring 3 goals, but Catalonia is always full of drama, and now he is allowed to spend the 2021-22 season in Molinex’s Premier League.

José Carvalho Araujo worked with Trincao in Braga. He thought it would be beneficial to spend a season in England. He told Sky Sports: “[The transfer to Spain] was the first time he encountered outside his comfort zone. A challenge, I don’t know.” I don’t think this is the best moment to sign Barcelona as a young player.

“This is a transition period for the club. They have encountered all the problems of Lionel Messi and the board.”

Araujo added the difficulties experienced by a promising player: “I don’t know Ronald Koeman, but he doesn’t seem like someone who can coach young talents.

” [Wolves owner] Bruno Lage did this at Benfica. And took some young children and did a great job there. He is a person who trains young talents and I think he will be very helpful.

“He meets Bruno Lage, he knows how to motivate young players and provide them with tools to improve.
“Trinkau will become more mature because of his experience in Barcelona, ​​and he will also meet some Wolves players. For him, this is a more familiar environment.”


Although Barcelona is in 2021 There was a lot of playing time in the year. But Trinco only got Koeman’s three starts in La Liga.

He saw most of the playing time on the bench, it is difficult to establish consistency. The Wolves hope they can fully realize their potential in the frontcourt.

There are a few Portuguese players in the West Midlands. As well as another coach from that area after Nuno left. This should make it easier for Trinco to adapt, as he hopes to start the game in a new environment.

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