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Barcelona vs Real Sociedad score 4-2

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Full day: It is the 4-2 victory of Barcelona vs Real Sociedad!

Barcelona opened the post-Messi era with a victory, defeating Real Sociedad 4-2. They were much better than the score showed, but in the end they won with Braithwaite’s double play and goals from Gerard Piqué and Serge Roberto. Julen Lobete and Mikel Oyarzabal scored two points for La Real, causing panic in Barcelona, ​​but Blaugrana insisted on three points.

Minutes 90 + 1: SERGI ROBERTO is safe! ! !

When Real Sociedad came back to score 32 points, the people on the Nou Camp were nervous, but when Serge Roberto converted from Martin Braithwaite to an excellent center, Barcelona has raised 42 points. Barcelona can breathe a sigh of relief again.

Minutes 90: Griezmann almost made Remiro pay the price.

Remiro lost control and rushed towards Griezmann, who touched the ball but failed to make a clearance. The goalkeeper can recover and pick up the ball again.

Minutes 89: Lenglet is still trying to solve this problem

Ronald Koeman throws several youngsters, but now he must be nervous, because the victory gap is only one goal. So the Dutch sent Clement Langette to Memphis Depay to see this victory.

Minutes 85: Royal Society turns 3-2! ! !

Real Sociedad were lucky to win a free kick because Nico should not have been contested for a foul. Mikel Oyarzabal stepped forward and launched a sensational shot into the top corner. Now it is 3-2 o’clock and the game is in the last minutes.

Points 80: Goal! ! ! THE REAL one time! ! !

Real Sociedad managed to come back a goal, and their two young talents combined. Julen Lobete had a good result on his debut, following an excellent performance from Ander Barrenetxea, he dribbled forward and made an excellent pass.

71 points: Substitutions for both sides

Both coaches know the game is over, so they both made some changes to save the players’ legs. But, surprisingly, Pedri is still on the court. It may never rest.

Minutes 66: Neto saves

Neto has work to do and manages to take a low shot from Mikel Merino. With 25 minutes left before the game, Barcelona seems to be separated by three in the 2021/22 season. Points 59: 30 years old! ! ! Another BRAITHWAITE!!!
Barcelona responded to a brief attack by Real Sociedad, Martin Braithwaite scored a three-pointer after Remiro sent Jordi Alba’s cross into the center of the penalty area.

Minutes 51: Oyazabal’s shot deflected

Mikel Oyazabal had a good chance at the other end of Real Sociedad, but his deflected shot became Neto’s first goal.

Minutes 50: Another offside opportunity

Jordi Alba verified that he had finished off successfully and shot offside, but he was also offside, which will not be counted in any case. However, the defense of the Royal Society fell apart like the Red Sea.


Minutes 47: Griezmann scored … but offside

Antoine Griezmann put the ball back into Alex Remiro’s net, but it was annulled for offside by Frenkie de Jong in the set-up. However, this is not an encouraging playoff start for Real Madrid.

46 minutes: the second half begins

So, the next 45 minutes. Barcelona leads the top 20, Real Sociedad has been very poor, to see if they can score goals, frighten Barcelona. He made a double change, bringing in Jon Bautista and Ander Barrenetxea.
First half: Barcelona on cruise
The first half was a great first half for Barcelona, ​​with complete control. Gerard Piqué and Martin Braithwaite each scored a header, putting Catalonia in 20th place against the very sleepy and passive Real Sociedad.

Minutes 45 + 2: BRAITHWAITE turns 20! ! !

In injury time in the first half, Barcelona extended their lead! Real Sociedad wanted a foul, but Frenkie de Jong received the ball when the visiting team complained and headed in for Martin Braithwaite.

Minutes 40: corner kick and counterattack

Real Sociedad won a corner kick, this may be their best chance in the entire half, but in vain Barcelona launched a counterattack. It was about to go bankrupt, but the Royal Society temporarily survived.

Minute 36: Zubimendi got the first yellow card

the first yellow card of the match showed it to Martín Zubimendi, which was a late challenge for Pedri. The referee had bungled a few bookable infractions, but eventually got back into his pocket.
30 points: Real Sociedad’s first chance Real Sociedad finally broke through, but Porto’s center was blocked and Neto continued to do nothing. Now is the time to take a breather, let’s see if Real Madrid can improve after this time-out.

Minutes 25: Remiro bravely rejected Memphis.

Memphis Depay approached his goal and reached for a low pass in the area. Remiro saves a shot, then the Dutchman snaps his fingers. He’s fine and he’s recovered now.

Minutes 19: Piqué leads Barcelona in the attack zone! ! !

is a well-deserved person. He was the man who took the pay cut so Memphis Depay could be on the court and led the Dutchman’s free throw. It was Gerard Piqué who scored Barcelona’s first goal of the season. They lead by 10 points, which is well deserved.

Minutes 12: The crossbar denies Griezmann

Griezmann approached again, this time the header went through the crossbar and left. At this point, Real Sociedad may miss a few goals. This is the ruler of Barcelona.

10 minutes: Messi’s song

In the 10th minute of the game, Barcelona fans chanted Messi’s name.

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