Barella and Lukaku Lead Inter Milan to Win Against Benfica

Goals:Benfica – Internazionale – Played on 04/11/ 2023

Inter Milan secures 2-0 victory over Benfica in Champions League quarter-finals

Inter Milan dominated the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Benfica, securing a comfortable 2-0 victory at the Al-Nour Stadium in Portugal.

Key Phrase: Inter Milan’s victory over Benfica in the Champions League quarter-finals

First Paragraph: Inter Milan achieved an impressive victory at the expense of its host Benfica, with a score (2-0), in the match that was held in the Portuguese team’s stronghold, “Al-Nour Stadium”, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Defensive Caution in the First Half

The first half of the match started slowly, with both teams showing defensive caution. In the 8th minute, Dzeko almost scored for Inter Milan after Barella’s cross, but he missed the goal. In the 15th minute, Rafa Silva fired a shot that was saved by the Nerazzurri goalkeeper Onana. Achirbi fired a long-range shot in the 25th minute, but it passed above the crossbar.

Inter Milan’s Penalty Controversy

In the 30th minute, Benfica players demanded a penalty kick after the ball hit Dumfries’ hand inside the area. The referee reviewed the situation using video technology and found no violation. Lautaro Martinez missed an excellent opportunity to threaten Benfica’s goal, while Grimaldo fired a powerful shot that passed next to Onana’s goal.

Niccolo Barella’s Goal and Benfica’s Attempts

In the 51st minute, Niccolo Barella scored the first goal for Inter Milan after a quick counterattack that reached Bastoni, who passed an elaborate cross. Benfica almost equalized the score in the 57th minute, but Silva’s shot was saved by Dumfries. Inter Milan almost scored a second goal after a counterattack, but the goalkeeper shone to keep Benfica’s hopes alive.

Romelu Lukaku’s Penalty Kick

In the 77th minute, Bastoni passed another excellent cross, which was met by Dumfries with a header, but it was saved by the goalkeeper. The referee awarded a penalty kick after finding a handball on Joao Mario. Romelu Lukaku took the penalty kick, securing a second goal for Inter Milan in the 82nd minute.


Inter Milan dominated the match and put forward to the semi-finals. The Italian team will play the second leg at its San Siro stadium on Wednesday, April 19. Onana shone in the last minute of the match, denying Benfica the opportunity to score their first goal.

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