!Bayern Munich steals the record from Real Madrid

!Bayern Munich defeated Viktoria Plzen, the Czech Republic, 5-0 in the third round today, Tuesday, to maintain its perfect record in the group stage of the European Champions League.

!Bayern Munich vs Viktoria plzen played on 04/10/2022

In the minutes, Leroy Sane “double,” Serge Gnabry, Sadio Mane, and Chupo-Moting signed

for Bayern (7, 13, 21, 50 and 59).

Bayern increased its lead in the third group with this performance, moving up to 9 points,

while Plzen remained at the bottom of the table with no points.

Just seven minutes into the game, a rocket blast from Sani outside the penalty area found

the back of the net to provide the Bavarian team an early warning to their visitor.

As soon as Plzen recovered from the initial blow, Gnabry delivered another by putting the

ball in the far right corner of goalkeeper Marian Fordon’s net after receiving a feed from

Goretzka inside the box.

Two minutes after the second goal, Mane made his first appearance, but his feeble shot fell

into the hands of the visitor’s goalie.

At the midpoint of the first half, Mane performed an exceptional individual action by

entering the Plzen penalty area and then shooting the ball into the goal to add a third goal

and cement Bayern’s advancement.

Before Musiala realized what he intended minutes later after receiving a cross inside the

area, to convert it into the net, the guest goalie stopped him from having a dangerous

opportunity. Mosila was on the verge of scoring the fourth goal.

Musila’s happiness over the goal, however, did not last long as the score was disallowed

after the referee used video technology to show that the German player was in fact offside.

As a result, Bayern went into halftime with a three-point advantage.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann made two early substitutes at the start of the second half,

replacing Davies with Stanicic and pushing Chubu Moting in place of Musaila.

Mane attempted to breach Plzen’s defense once again with a shot from the edge of the box, but it deflected toward the goalie, who easily caught the ball.
The Senegalese winger then sent a beautiful cross pass to Sane, who gratefully took the assist and put the ball in the back of the net to score his second and fourth goals for the squad.
After receiving a pass from Goretzka, substitute Chubu Moting did not pass up the chance to join the celebration of the goal, clearing a path for himself to score the fifth goal.

Bayern continued after the five-way attempt to secure the lead with a sixth goal, but they alternately squandered some opportunities in the minutes that followed, most notably a start from Gnabry that resulted in a creeping ground shot that missed the target.
The Czech goalkeeper was in the centre of the goal when substitute Sabitzer attempted to score with a long-range missile strike, but he successfully deflected the ball with his fists.

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