Bayern Munich’s! win destroy Freiburg

By sweeping Freiburg (5-0) at the Allianz Arena today, Sunday, in the tenth round of the German League, Bayern Munich’s! determinaton to win was able to get back on the winning track.

Bayern Munich – SC Freiburg – Played on 10/16/ 2022

In the 13th, 33rd, 52nd, 55th, and 80th minutes, the Bayern five arrived to sign Serge Gnabry,

Choupo-Moting, Leroy Sane, Sadio Mane, and Marcel Sabitzer.

By earning the 19th point, the Bavarian squad was able to knock Freiburg out of the

runners-up position and pounce on it in its place. Freiburg dropped to third place with a

one-point deficit.

Davies’ rocket effort from outside the penalty area to pass the ball over the crossbar created

the first risky opportunity.

When goalkeeper Mark Flicken stopped a risky touch by Sani, the ball bounced back to

Gnabry, who headed it into the goal, shocking their opponent early on.

The Freiburg goalkeeper displayed superior goalkeeping skills by stopping one of the

ground shots, but he was unable to save Chubu Moting’s strike, which went through his

goal and resulted in a second goal.

Bayern Munich’s! try to take advantage of the game

The home squad continued to control the action, but despite numerous raids on Freiburg’s

goal, the away team managed to hold out until the first half’s conclusion with Bayern’s

advantage (2-0).

Had the stand not stopped Janabry’s creeping shot at the start of the second half, Bayern Munich’s! player scored a third goal.
A few seconds later, Sani took advantage of the missed opportunity when he fired a missile shot; however, the guest guard didn’t even notice her as she approached the net.

The third goal whetted the appetite of the Bayern players to score one more, which Mane accomplished right away after receiving the ball inside the penalty area. He put a fallen ball over the goalkeeper, so be it, advancing the interests of the landowners.
The Freiburg defense put the ball in front of substitute Sabitzer inside the penalty area 10 minutes before the game’s scheduled end time, and he touched it directly into the goal to seal the victory for the five-team hosts.

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