Belgium and Portugal : Final Result Euro 2020


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Belgium football team and Portugal only had one goal in their first meeting in a major competition, albeit a good one.
Thorgan Hazard, tracing a path from the shadow of his brother’s Garden of Eden, now serves as the primary reference point for the surname, decorating and resolving the encounter with a sense of change. A strike was enough to kill Portugal and stage a wonderful quarter-final match with Italy in Munich for another highly successful showdown.

A sultry Sunday night in Seville provided the setting for this precious match: the world’s number one team hopes to beat the defending champion and extraordinary tournament record.
For such a big battle, it feels too early to salute one of these heavy hitters at this stage. Belgium is the most convincing and stable team in the group stage, and the diligent Portugal is only truly released when Renato Sanchez enters the midfield.

They have conceded 6 goals in the previous three games, which is one more goal than when they won the 2016 European Cup.

The Portuguese team is more aggressive and intentional at the beginning here, and can take the lead from the start. Sanchez pushed Yuri Tillermans off the center line and then released Diogo Jota out of the penalty area.
He was hit, but Toby Alderweireld rushed past him and pulled the ball away from the far post. Sanchez was also unable to position himself in front of the club. But Cristiano Ronaldo made a save from Thibo Courtois.

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The free kick crosses the wall and passes to the goalkeeper’s right. Joao Palhinha bounced ahead of the goal in a bad start in the final third. When Belgium scored, Romelu Lukaku exploded in a shocking explosion. Although Pallinija was taking off his jersey, he passed the pass to Thorgan Hazard, who was intercepted.

Just when it looked like we were heading towards a goalless score at the end of halftime. Roberto Martinez’s men turned to the company.

A wonderful combination of Kevin De Bruyne and Thomas Meunier, the latter’s outward movement nearly missed the mark.


Portugal scored the first corner of the game, but Belgium unknowingly scored the first goal. Meunier picked up a loose ball 25 yards away and sprayed it at Thorgan.

He used two soft touches and then launched a super shot with a sharp turn. Leaving Rui Patricio confused and landing in the far corner. Chapter that joy was weakened by a considerable setback of injuries.

Palhinha is yellow carded for passing De Bruyne. De Bruyne appears to have injured his knee. The Manchester City midfielder tried to get rid of the problem after the intermission. But had to be replaced by Driss Mertens immediately.


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For players who participated in the Champions League final and ended early, this is a cruel turning point.
When Cristiano finished a ball bounced from the distance blocked by Thomasville Mullen, Portugal threatened again.
Fernando Santos hoped to inject more wisdom and gave it to Joao Felix and Bruno Fernandez in exchange for Bernardo Silva and Joao Moutinho.

Cristiano gave Jota a good opportunity. The Liverpool striker controlled it well, but only managed to pass the ball to the crossbar. A few minutes later, Fernandez’s goal was too high, because Portugal desperately tried to force Sanchez to follow suit. The grumpy and frustration finally prevailed. Danilo and Sergio Oliveira are in this position, Palhinha and Sanches are out, but it doesn’t matter: Portugal is out.

Ruben Dias went straight to Courtois, Rafael Guerrero hit the post. Andre Silva saw a shot blocked by the Belgian goalkeeper.
They tried and tried, but it was not enough.

Portugal scored only 4 points in three group matches, which is the worst performance of the European defending champion since Greece in 2008, but failed to improve their game in the knockout rounds.
Belgium is as stable as ever, all they have been doing is winning.

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