Bologna drags Juventus to a draw at home

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Within the activities of the 33rd round of the Italian Serie A “Calcio” competition,juve achives draw with Bologna

Bologna led to a bitter and deadly draw against Juventus, 1-1. With this tie, Juve continued to be in fourth place, while Bologna continued to be in 13th place.

The first half was tactical and few chances on both sides,

as the Juve players tried to impose their attacking rhythm in the meeting,

but the Bologna players met them with a feat that confused the old lady’s defenses greatly,

as the danger of coach Massimiliano Allegri’s children was greatly absent,

and the Juve players got some serious attempts,

but the final touch was absent from The team’s strikers In turn,

the Bologna players were distinguished by coordinated and dangerous attacks,

but the offensive effectiveness was absent from the team’s strikers, and caution and anticipation were the title of this half,

which ended in a negative performance and result.

In the second half, Bologna managed to snatch the lead in the 52nd minute through Marko Arnatovic after a decisive pass from Roberto Soriano

and then the Juve players pressed heavily in an attempt to seize the equalizing goal,

and the post blocked a dangerous header from Alvaro Morata to fail to give his team the equalizer

and then coach Allegri resorted To make several substitutions in the ranks of his team in an attempt to kidnap the equalizer and return to the atmosphere of the meeting

and the Juventus players continued their great pressure in an attempt to seize the equalizing goal.

Juve players pushed back from the pace of their pressure

in an attempt to return to the atmosphere of the match, but the final touch was absent from them in front of the opponent’s goal.

In the 84th minute, Bologna players Sumauro and Gary Medel were sent off. In the 94th minute,

top scorer Dusan Vlahovic managed to snatch the equalizer for Juve, to end the match in a positive tie, with a 1-1 between sides

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