Brazil appears in Qatar 2022 with a victory against Serbia with a great goal from Richarlison

A spectacular score by Richarlison served as the cherry on top for the presentation of the ‘Scratch’ in Qatar 2022.

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As golden as the most desired trophy in the world of soccer, as dangerous as a sandstorm in the cruelest desert on the peninsula, as… Brazil , as soccer as themselves: the last team to appear in the Qatar 2022 World Cup , although for many, the first on the list to win the cup.

The ‘Scratch du oro’ had their own party in Lusail and beat a Serbia 2-0 that showed the courage and rockiness that was expected, but simply saw the sun head on and without protection, plausible but beatable for some South Americans who avoided the unpleasant surprises of their eternal rivals Argentina and Germany to join the ‘logic’ club.

Despite all the praise that may exist for those led by Tite , the truth is that the Balkan rockiness turned South American spirits into a bundle of despair. With Neymar, Paquetá and Casemiro as the main targets of Serbian shoes, the ‘Jogo bonito’ took even longer to appear in Qatar 2022 in a duel that featured the last two teams to debut in this World Cup.

The stage seemed to impose more on the Americans, a Lusail Stadium that in a few days will host the Final, that match that locals and strangers from Brazil hope to see with shades of yellow and green but, for now, they only saw impotence on the wings of the ‘Scratch’… until Alex Sandro and Vinicius Junior

 found the perfect escape route on the left wing in the second half.

Brazil pointed out the spaces to follow and insist, perhaps abuse, but in the end, it was there that, at 62′, Richarlison opened the scoring by simply pushing the ball in front of the frame.

The main course would come at 73′ with Richarlison himself receiving the ball in the area, settled down and took out a scissor half that dazzled beyond the confines of Lusail. The best goal of Qatar 2022 so far, by far, only overshadowed by a scare with Neymar who was touched off the field in the final minutes.

From the smallest dune to the last spotlight in Lusail: Qatar is bathed in gold with green, with a Brazil that came forward to confirm its status as favorite in the World Cup, a ‘Hexa’, like the matches that would be missing in Brazil to lift the title. Soon? Yes, but today all of Qatar looks gold.


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