Chelsea continues to stagger and fall in front of Fulham

goals video: Fulham – Chelsea_FC – Played on 01/12/2023

Chelsea continued to bleed in the English Premier League, losing to its London neighbor Fulham (1-2), on Thursday evening, in a postponed match from round 7 of the Premier League.

Fulham Willian (25) and Carlos Vinicius (73) scored goals, while Kalidou Coulibaly scored Chelsea (47).

Fulham raised its score to 31 points in 6th place, while Chelsea’s balance froze at 25 points in 10th place.

strong start

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Chelsea almost opened the scoring in the third minute, when Felix made his way down the right side, dodging his marker, before passing into the penalty area from the right side to Havertz, whose shot bounced off a defender’s foot, to pass to Hull, whose attempt was blocked by goalkeeper Bernd Leno.

Pereira made a good effort in the middle of the field, before passing to Vinicius, whose attempt passed by the right post of Chelsea’s goal in the 8th minute.

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Fulham fans demanded a penalty kick in the 16th minute, after a joint game between Vinicius and Zakaria, but the referee ordered them to continue playing after resorting to video technology.

De Cordova Reid got a pass from Vinicius, to fire a shot from the right, which bounced off the crossbar before the defense dispersed the ball in the 23rd minute.

Fulham managed to open the scoring in the 25th minute, when Willian got the ball, to fire a shot, which bounced off Chalobah’s foot and continued its march toward the far post of Kepa Arrizabalaga’s goal.

Chelsea almost wanted the goal quickly, but Leno blocked Felix’s attempt from a solitary position without being watched in the 28th minute, and the German goalkeeper returned to block this time, a powerful shot from Hull, despite it bouncing off a defender’s foot in the 34th minute.

Felix missed a new opportunity in his first match with the Blues, when he received a pass from Havertz, before directing a creeping shot, which Leno excelled in saving in the 40th minute.

Red card

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Just two minutes after the start of the second half, Chelsea managed to open the score, after Mason Mount executed a free kick from the left side directly towards the goal, so that Leno blocked the ball, but defender Coulibaly returned it into the goal, despite the German goalkeeper’s attempt to prevent it.

The injury forced Zakaria off the field, to be replaced by Jorginho, then Felix got a red card in the 58th minute, after a rough tackle against Tite.

Despite the lack of lines, Chelsea tried to score the lead in the 64th minute, when Mont passed the ball to Havertz, who blocked Leno’s shot from a narrow-angle.

But Fulham was able to restore its lead in the 73rd minute after Pereira raised a cross to the far post, and Vinicius rose to it and headed it into the goal.

Chelsea made 3 substitutions at once 10 minutes before the end, with Karni Chukwuemica, Connor Gallagher, and Hakim Ziyech entering, instead of Hull, Kovacic, and Mont.

And in stoppage time, Havertz advanced the ball to get ahead of the defender and try to single out goalkeeper Leno, who saved his creeping ball.

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