Chelsea continues to stagger to fall in front of Tottenham

Goals: Tottenham Hotspur – Chelsea FC – Played on 02/ 26/ 2023

Tottenham Hotspur defeated Chelsea (2-0), this evening, Sunday, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, in the top of the 25th round matches of the English Premier League.

Tottenham advanced with a goal scored by Oliver Skip in the (46th) minute before Harry Kane scored the second goal in the (82nd) minute.

Tottenham raised its score to 45 points in fourth place, and Chelsea stopped at 31 points in tenth place.

The loss added to Chelsea’s troubles in the league, as the team did not taste victory for the fifth consecutive match, with 3 draws and two losses.

first half

The first attempt in the match came in the 2nd minute in favor of Chelsea, with a shot from Felix from outside the area, but it passed near the post.

Felix came back to try again in the 18th minute, with a powerful shot from outside the area, which Forester grabbed twice.

Tottenham appeared offensively for the first time in the 20th minute, with a ground shot from Kane from outside the area that went wide of the goal.

Tottenham almost opened the scoring with a powerful shot from Hoiberg from outside the area, which hit Fofana’s foot, changing direction and hitting the post.

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Richarlison tried to surprise Kiba with a curved shot from the left side of the penalty area, but his ball went wide.

Sterling hit a powerful ball, Forster shone in stopping it, then the match referee issued a red card in Ziyash’s face after a quarrel with Emerson.

However, video technology called the referee, so he decided to change his decision from a direct expulsion to content himself with a yellow card for Ziyash, then the first half ended (0-0).

Second half

Tottenham started the second half strongly, when Emerson hit a powerful ball that was blocked by Kiba, then Enzo pushed it away, but it reached Skip, who hit a powerful ball that hit the net.

Ziyash hit a ball from the edge of the area that went wide of the goal, then Havertz received a through pass for Leinfred with Forrester, but the latter managed to catch the ball.

Sterling followed with a header that went weak in the hands of Forster, then Richarlison hit a powerful ball from the edge of the area, which went just above the crossbar.

Spurs fired a coup de grace at Chelsea by adding the second goal in the 82nd minute, through star Harry Kane, who easily fired into the net.

Substitute Modric searched to reduce the difference in the 86th minute, with a shot from outside the area that went over the crossbar, to end the match with Spurs winning (2-0).

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