Chelsea regain the winning streak at the expense of Bournemouth

video goals :Chelsea – Bournemouth – Played on 12/27/ 2022

Chelsea regained the winning streak again, by defeating its guest, Bournemouth, with two goals without a response, this evening, Tuesday, in the match that was held at Stamford Bridge, in the 17th round of the English Premier League.

Chelsea double Kai Havertz scored in the 16th minute and Mason Mount in the 24th minute.

With that result, Chelsea raised its tally to 24 points in eighth place, while Bournemouth froze at 16 points in 14th place.

Bournemouth posed the first danger in the match in the second minute, with a violation carried out by Billing, with a direct kick that Kepa grabbed.

The response came from Chelsea in the eighth minute, with Havertz rising to a cross from Cucurella, hitting a header that went over the crossbar.

Pulisic launched into the area in the 12th minute, hitting a ball that passed just past the post.

Chelsea opened the scoring in the 16th minute, with a kick from Sterling on the right side, sending a cross towards Havertz, who was free from control within the 6-yard area, to hit a direct ball that hit the net.

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Chelsea added the second goal quickly in the 24th minute, with a distinctive curved shot from Mont from the edge of the area, which hit the net.

The match calmed down in the following minutes, until Chelsea reappeared in the second minute of stoppage time, with a shot from James from inside the area. The Bournemouth goalkeeper excelled in stopping it, so the first half ended with the Blues advancing by two goals without a response.

Chelsea suffered a heavy blow at the beginning of the second half, with James injured and left the field, and Azpilicueta replaced him.

In the 53rd minute, Sterling sent a cross on the edge of the area, followed by Zakaria with a direct shot that went wide of the goal.

Bournemouth tried to reduce the deficit in the 59th minute, with a shot from Anthony from outside the area, which Kepa grabbed easily.

Havertz responded with an incursion into the penalty area in the 60th minute, ending it with a ground shot that passed near the post.

Mont searched for signing the personal double, with a powerful ground shot from outside the area in the 65th minute, Travers shone in banishing it to a corner kick.

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After that, Lerma hit a ball from outside the area in the 72nd minute, which went wide of the goal.

Chelsea almost added the third goal in the 74th minute, after Coulibaly rose to a cross from Azpilicueta, hitting a powerful header that passed just past the post.

And Chelsea continued to crawl towards the Bournemouth goal, with a shot immediately after that from Pulisic from inside the area, which went wide of the goal.

Bournemouth’s most dangerous attempt came in the second half in the 79th minute, with a powerful ground strike from Christie from inside the area, Kiba excelled in stopping it.

Bournemouth got a violation at the border of the area in the fourth minute of stoppage time, Anthony executed it with a direct shot, which Kiba sent to a corner kick.

Immediately after that, Solanki rose to the cross, hitting a distinctive header that passed just past the post, to end the match with Chelsea winning a clean double.

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