Chelsea suffers defeat to Wolverhampton in Lampard’s first game as head coach

Watch the Goals:Wolverhampton – Chelsea FC – Played on 04/08/2023

Wolverhampton Defeats Chelsea in Lampard’s First Match as Manager

In Frank Lampard’s debut as Chelsea’s manager, Wolverhampton secured a 1-0 victory in the 30th round of the English Premier League at Molineux Stadium on Saturday evening.

Wolverhampton’s Matthews Nunez scored the game’s only goal in the 31st minute, leaving Chelsea unable to respond.

The defeat keeps Chelsea in 11th place with a score of 39 points, while Wolverhampton moved up to 12th place with 31 points.

First Half:

Chelsea’s Early Chance: The match between Wolverhampton and Chelsea kicked off with a chance for Chelsea in the third minute. Fofana attempted a header from a corner kick, but it was a weak effort that Sa easily caught.

Wolverhampton had a few dangerous moments during the match. One of them occurred after a period of calm when Dawson headed the ball off a corner kick, but Kiba managed to save it. In the 27th minute, Lemina had a chance to score, but Fofana blocked his shot, resulting in a corner kick for Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton opened the scoring already in the 32nd minute, with a missile shot from Nunez from the right side of the penalty area, which hit Kiba’s window.

Wolverhampton’s appetite opened after that after Coulibaly made a mistake in deflecting a ball into the area in the 37th minute, so Costa killed it and hit a powerful ball, Kepa shone in stopping it.

Chelsea searched for an equalizer in the 42nd minute, with a shot from outside the area through Felix, which Sa caught, and the first half ended with the Wolves advancing (1-0).

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Second half

Wolverhampton started the second half, rising from Dawson to cross from a violation in the 50th minute, hitting a header that went wide of the goal.

And Chelsea got a violation at the borders of the area in the 60th minute, which James executed with a powerful shot that passed next to the post.

Wolverhampton tried to kill the match with another goal in the 63rd minute, by receiving a through on the right side of the penalty area, after which he hit a ball, which Kiba caught easily.

And Kunha returned immediately after that to try, by dodging Coulibaly inside the area, before hitting a powerful ball that went over the crossbar in the 64th minute.

Lampard intervened by making substitutions to activate the offensive side of the Blues, with the entry of Chilwell, Modric, Obamyang, and Pulisic, at the expense of Cucurella, Havertz, Felix, and Sterling.

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Substitute Aubameyang almost rewarded Lampard by adjusting in the 71st minute with a header, but his ball passed next to the post.

James entered the right side of the penalty area in the 84th minute, sending a cross, followed by Aubameyang with a shot that collided with Dawson, and Pulisic taped him, being obstructed, amid Chelsea players’ demands for a penalty kick, but the referee did not count anything.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Aubameyang paved the ball for Chilwell at the border of the area, to hit a ball that went far from the goal, and the match ended after that with Wolverhampton winning with a goal without a response.

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