City regains the Premier League throne with a painful defeat for Arsenal


Goals: Arsenal-Manchester City-Played on 02/15/2023

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Manchester City rose to the top of the English Premier League table, after defeating its host Arsenal, 3-1, this evening, Wednesday, in the match that was held at the Emirates Stadium in the postponed match of round No. 12.

The city hat-trick was scored by Kevin De Bruyne (24), Jack Grealish (72), and Erling Haaland (82), while Arsenal’s only goal was scored by Bukayo Saka (42).

With that result, Manchester City rose to the top of the standings table, after raising its score to 51 points, while Arsenal froze at the same points balance, to drop to second place on goal difference.

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Arsenal posed the first danger in the match in the second minute, with a shot from Xhaka from inside the area that went wide of the goal.

Arsenal missed a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 22nd minute, after Zinchenko sent a cross towards Nketiah, who was free of control inside the area, to hit a header that passed just past the post.

Manchester City opened the scoring in the 24th minute after Tomiasso committed a fatal mistake by returning the ball backward, so De Bruyne killed it and hit a falling ball from the edge of the area that hit the net.

Tomiasso tried to correct the mistake, with a cross from Martinelli inside the area in the 28th minute, hitting the bird directly over the crossbar.

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Arsenal got a penalty kick after Nketiah was blocked inside the area by Ederson, and Saka successfully executed the penalty kick in the 42nd minute, with a ground shot to the right of the Brazilian goalkeeper.

City almost scored the second goal in the sixth minute of stoppage time, after Rodrigo followed a cross from a violation, hitting a header that hit Aki’s foot to change direction and hit the crossbar, so the first half ended in a draw (1-1).

Arsenal started the second half with a weak ground shot by Jorginho from the edge of the area in the 55th minute, Ederson caught it easily.

City got a penalty kick in the 57th minute after Haaland was obstructed by Gabriel before the var technology intervened and canceled the decision due to the Norwegian striker being offside.

City missed an opportunity to score the second goal in the 68th minute after Rodrigo crossed a cross from a header violation, Ramsdale blocked it, and Akanji followed it up with a shot that Jorginho removed from the goal line.

Immediately after that, Zinchenko made a mistake in passing a ball into the area, so Bernardo killed it and passed it to Halland, who singled out Bramsdale, hitting a ground ball, which the Arsenal goalkeeper managed to stop.

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And City managed to score the second goal in the 72nd minute, after a series of quick passes, started by Bernardo Halland and from him to Gundogan and from him to Grealish, who was free of control inside the area, to hit a ball that hit Tomiaso and deceived Ramsdale before it hit the net.

Haaland shot Arsenal in the 82nd minute by scoring the third goal, after receiving a pass from De Bruyne inside the area, to hit a powerful ball that hit the net.

Nketiah tried to reduce the difference in the 89th minute, by rising to a cross from Saka, with a header that passed just past the post, to end the match with City’s victory (3-1).


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