Conclusion: Sassuolo climbs in the standings, while Juventus struggles to keep up.


Goals: Sassuolo – Juventus – Played on 04/16/ 2023

In a disappointing performance, Juventus fell to Sassuolo with a 1-0 loss on Sunday at Mabe Stadium in the 30th round of the Italian League. The defeat marks their second consecutive loss after losing to Lazio in the previous round.

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Cold start for both teams:

The start came very cold from both sides amid reliance on passes without any danger until the 20th minute, after Sassuolo carried out a counterattack that reached Lopez, who passed it to Bayrami, to fire a missile shot that passed just above the crossbar.

Missed opportunities for Sassuolo:

Sassuolo players missed a goal opportunity in the 23rd minute, after 5 players launched a counterattack against only 3 from Juventus, in a snapshot that the landlords failed to take advantage of, to pass Bayrami cross outside the area and miss an opportunity realized on Sassuolo.

The absence of opportunities continued on the goal of the two teams, and from a corner kick that Kostic got, it was carried out with a cross inside the area, which was met by defender Bremer with a header, but it missed the goal.

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Second-half chances:

At the start of the second half, Juventus got a corner kick that Kostic carried out inside the area, which the defense dispersed through Erlich, to hit Danilo’s head and pass by the goal.

Sassuolo came close to visiting Juventus in the 55th minute after Maxime Lopez fired a powerful and elaborate shot from the edge of the penalty area, and Perrin was able to block it and turn it away for a corner.

Sassuolo’s goal:

And Sassuolo finally succeeded, after a series of successive attacks, in scoring the first goal in the 65th minute through Defrel, after another corner was cleared by the defense to reach Fagioli, who dispersed the ball wrongly to reach Defril, who fired a direct shot into the net.

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Near misses:

Juventus substitutes were close to equalizing the score, after a wonderful pass from Chiesa on the left side to penetrate and pass the ball to Di Maria, to dodge Ehrlich and hit the crossbar.

Juventus’ rush almost cost him a second goal, after Sassuolo cut the ball, and with several excellent passes, Haroni launched a quick counterattack, so the player preferred to hit the ball instead of passing it to his teammates and fired a ball over the crossbar in the 85th minute.


Despite their efforts, Juventus was unable to equalize the score, and the remaining minutes passed without anything new. The final score was 1-0 for Sassuolo, raising their tally to 40 points and jumping to tenth place, while Juventus’ balance froze at 44 points in seventh place.

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