Cristiano Ronaldo’s phone crisis reaches the police

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Despite the apology, Cristiano Ronaldo’s “phone” crisis reaches the police

It seems that the crisis of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United star, smashing a fan’s phone has taken a serious turn in the past hours.

Ronaldo participated in Manchester United’s 0-1 loss against its host Everton

on Saturday evening, in the 32nd round of the English Premier League

The “Red Devils” balance stopped at 51 points in seventh place.

As he was leaving Goodison Park after the match

Cristiano dropped a mobile phone belongin

The cheerleader’s mother said that my son suffers from bruises due to the accident, and that he is one of the cases of people with Down and dyslexia.

I refused the Portuguese star’s apology and said that his method of apology was rude

to an Everton fan on the ground.

It seems that the fan was trying to provoke the Portuguese star.

After the incident, Ronaldo apologized to the fan, and invited him to attend one of his team’s matches at Old Trafford.

But it will not stop there, according to British police.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”

the Merseyside police confirmed that they are investigating the incident

The accusation of Cristiano Ronaldo of smashing the phone of an Everton fan.

And the British “Sky Sports” network said earlier on Saturday

that the Manchester United administration had opened an investigation into the incident.

It is worth noting that Ronaldo, 37

participated in 34 games with Manchester United this season, during which he scored 18 goals and assisted 3 goals.