David de Gea allowed Brentford to score!

Insane mistakes from David de Gea allowed Josh Dasilva and Mathias Jensen to score,

giving the West London hosts a 4-0 lead after 35 minutes. Erik ten Hag appeared surprised on the sidelines as Ben Mee and Bryan Mbuemo added goals of their own.

Even though Brentford was excellent,

the bigger story is that United lost its first two games of the season to Brighton and Brentford. With the victory, Brentford now has four points from their first two games of the season.

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Erik ten Hag has become the first Man United manager to lose his first two matches in charge of a season since 1921 (101 years). For United,

the victories keep coming in. And they’re not good ones.

Insane mistakes from David de Gea allowed Josh Dasilva and Mathias Jensen to score,

giving the hosts a 4-0 lead after 35 minutes in the stifling west London heat. Then, Ben Mee and Bryan Mbuemo each added a goal, leaving Erik ten Hag on the sidelines looking dazed.

Despite how brilliant they were,

United’s loss to Brighton and Brentford in their first two games of the season is the bigger story. With the victory, Brentford now has four points from their first two games of the season.

Erik ten Hag is the first Man United manager to start a season with a losing record after 1921 (101 years). For United,

the accomplishments keep piling up. They’re not excellent ones either.

Brentford is a dynamic team, particularly at home,

where they have defeated Arsenal, tied with Liverpool and Tottenham, and now destroyed Manchester United. They are difficult to stop once they get into a rhythm like this. The ideal momentum team,

Thomas Frank’s group exudes passion and vitality. The big boys know they’re in for a real fight when they show up at the Gtech Community Stadium.

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Erik ten Hag isn’t really to blame for this:

Erik ten Hag was composed as he watched his team deteriorate in the first half from the sidelines. After a few months of training sessions and only a couple of new signings

4-0 Brentford United States: Manchester Brentford achieved a historic victory against Manchester United,

their first in the Premier League in more than 85 years. This was terrible for United and emphasises how much work Erik ten Hag still has to do.

The United supporters are creating some noise in the background because they are forced to provide their own entertainment. Eriksen did send in a cross that Ronaldo mishandled from a distance of roughly 10 yards. And that pretty much sums up United’s day. Over ten minutes remain.

United is doing everything they can to minimise the harm. Brentford is waltzing to victory in this match without having to take any chances.

The state of Manchester United is dire. There is little room for doubt. Erik ten Hag’s reputation is already

damaged beyond the mere statistics of being the first United manager to lose his team’s first two games since 1921 and overseeing the worst Premier League season opening in 30 years. To bounce back from this,

he will need to be an excellent manager and a man of great moral bravery.


The Dutchman was scorched by the London evening sun with beads of sweat on his bare head as Brentford savagely destroyed United in the first half. It was just as horrible as anything that came out when David Moyes, Louis van Gaal,

José Mourinho,

and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were still in charge.

Even though the absentee Floridian billionaires were not present throughout the two abhorrent performances that have opened this Premier League season,

the ongoing demonstrations against the Glazer ownership in the away end serve as a reminder that United’s troubles go even deeper. They also didn’t choose a group of people who worked as distant, uninterested satellites of one another.

Ten Hag later said,

“I urged them to play with belief and take responsibility,

and that is what they didn’t do. I must instil faith in them, but they must do the same for themselves. Even though there was a lot of blaming,

it seems like there isn’t much cooperation. a growling In order to tie it up,

Cristiano Ronaldo blanked both Ten Hag and the away.

At least the great guy wouldn’t sit on the bench pouting like he did last week against Brighton. Instead,

Scott McTominay was the only player to be removed from the opening weekend flop that now seems to have occurred in happier,

more upbeat times.


With noticeably less success than previous season,

Eriksen played the same deep, central midfield position alongside McTominay’s former partner in crime, Fred. His decision to play in Manchester rather than west London was criticised by a strong minority of the home crowd,

who also booed him during his opening touches and frequently brought up the score.

Josh Dasilva received the start after his goal against Leicester on Sunday saved a point,

Thomas Frank’s side selection succeeding in a way that Ten Hag can only hope for. He must also be envious of their vigour and diligence. In sheer desperation,

Brentford continued to play their regular, athletic game, pushing aggressively and making full most of the set pieces that United’s continual fouling provided them with in abundance.

Ivan Toney, to his credit, acknowledged,

“We knew the strong publicity would influence them. “It was obvious to see that hard work pays off,” one person said. Mathias Jensen,

dominant in midfield, said: “It felt like we were on top of everything.”

Josh Dasilva received the start after scoring the equalising goal against Leicester last Sunday,

Thomas Frank’s lineup selection paying off in a way that Ten Hag can only imagine. He must also be envious of their initiative and effort. With United fouling them repeatedly out of sheer desperation,

Brentford played their typical athletic game,

pressing hard, and making full use of set pieces.

The outstanding Ivan Toney stated,

“We anticipated the high press would influence them. “It was evident that hard work pays off,” the author said. We seemed to be in control of the situation,

according to Mathias Jensen, who played a key role in midfield.


De Gea was hardly the only incompetent player. Not at all. The fact that Martnez was there at the scene of the crime prevented Harry Maguire from receiving a red card for bringing down Ivan Toney. And Martnez put Eriksen in danger as United hesitantly tried to play the ball out from a goal kick.

The second was sneaked in by Jensen.

After only 18 minutes of play,

Ronaldo was yelling at his teammates as Brentford supporters chanted, “Ten Hag will be sacked in the morning.

” After Toney nodded a corner across,

Ben Mee stooped at the back post to score thirteen minutes later. The following play was even easier: Jensen robbed Jadon Sancho in the box,

freeing Toney to play Bryan Mbeumo in as Brentford advanced unimpeded.

With their second straight Premier League loss to begin the Erik Ten Hag era,

Manchester United reached a new low as they were completely destroyed by Brentford.

After last week’s defeat to Brighton,

United’s performance at Brentford

was even worse as the Bees roared into an unfathomably large 4-0 lead before halftime thanks to the home team’s aggressive start and United’s shoddy,

error-filled performance.

Ten minutes into the game,

David De Gea of United made a game-changing error that allowed Brentford to grab the lead.

Josh Dasilva’s shaky long-range attempt slipped past the Spaniard’s hands and into the goal.

Manchester United’s first Premier League defeat under Erik Ten Hag,

their second consecutive defeat, brought them to a new low as they were completely thrashed by Brentford.

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