Elliott’s shell rid Liverpool of the Wolverhampton ambush

Goals:Wolverhampton-Liverpool-Played on 01/17/2023

Liverpool set a date with Brighton in the fourth round of the FA Cup competition, by defeating Wolverhampton 1-0 on Tuesday evening, in the third-round replay match.

Harvey Elliott scored the only goal of the match in the 13th minute.

The first match between the two teams in the third round ended in a 2-2 draw at Anfield, which led to a rematch, according to the competition rules.

And Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp relied on the 4-3-3 method of play, as Joe Gomez stood beside Ibrahima Konati deep in the back line, with the support of the fullbacks James Milner and Kostas Tsimikas, and the young Stefan Paytic played the role of the pivot player, and Thiago Alcantara and Naby Keita played in front of him. , behind the attacking trio of Harvey Ellison, Fabio Carvalho, and Cody Jacobo.

On the opposite side, Wolverhampton coach Jolene Lopetegui resorted to the 4-5-1 method of play, where the back line consisted of Johnny, Totti Gomez, Nathan Collins, and Dexter Limbekisa, and Robin Neves was present as a pivot player, and Joseph Hodge and Joao Moutinho moved in front of him, while Ryan Ait Nuri stood. And Adama Traore was on the wings and Raul Jimenez played the role of Al-Sarih striker.

The lighting outage in the stadium spoiled an early attack by Wolverhampton in the second minute, before the problem was resolved in moments and the match resumed.

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Liverpool began threatening Wolverhampton’s goal in the tenth minute when Carv alho passed the ball to Jacbo, who fired a weak shot that goalkeeper Jose Sa easily picked up.

Liverpool opened the scoring in the 13th minute, when Ellisot received a pass before the halfway line from Thiago, before advancing the ball and shooting from a distance, to score, taking advantage of the goalkeeper’s advance slightly from his own goal.

In the 16th minute, Tsimikas fired a shot over Wolverhampton’s goal, and the situation calmed down a bit before Nevis directed a long-range shot, which bounced off Liverpool’s defense in the 28th minute.

Jakobo tried to score his first goal in a Liverpool shirt, but his shot went over the crossbar from a narrow-angle in the 32nd minute, before he returned the ball with a shot from afar, which went far from the goal in the 34th minute.

The referee canceled a goal for the guest team, scored by Carvalho in the 35th minute, for offside, and Traore hit the side net from the outside with a hasty shot in the 40th minute.

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The referee refused to award a penalty kick to Wolverhampton in the 51st minute after the ball touched the upper part of Keita’s arm, and Traore got a pass from Jimenez, to shoot over Liverpool’s goal in the 61st minute.

Mohamed Salah, Nathaniel Phillips, and Curtis Jones entered the Liverpool squad, and the referee awarded a free kick to Wolverhampton, which Nevis executed from over the human wall, just over the goal in the 72nd minute.

Traore penetrated from the right, before sending a short cross, but Mexican Jimenez was unable to follow it up with his head from a short distance in the 79th minute.

Wolverhampton continued to press for an equalizer, and Wolverhampton substitute Diego Costa prepared the ball for the other substitute, Matthews Konya, who threw it toward the stands in the 88th minute.

In the last minute, Elliott passed the ball to fellow substitute Jones, who shot from the left in the penalty area, next to the far post, and moments later, Liverpool goalkeeper Kaimhin Kelleher easily controlled Konya’s header, after a cross from fellow substitute Matthews Nunez.

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