The latest: Barcelona and Real Madrid and Juventus ‘will continue with plans’

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Barcelona and Real Madrid and Juventus ‘will continue with plans’

Barcelona and ​​Real Madrid and Juventus stated that they will continue to make plans for the UEFA Super League and claimed to have successfully opposed any sanctions imposed by UEFA.

The joint statement of the three clubs affirmed that the court decision on Friday in Madrid means that the governing body of European football has an “obligation” to end the disciplinary proceedings against them.

UEFA suspended the proceedings after submitting the case to the European Court of Justice in June. Clubs declared themselves founding members of the Chinese Super League in April.

However, following protests from fans, UEFA, FIFA and national leagues, as well as opposition from the British government and the royal family, the proposed withdrawal of all 9 clubs

The breakdown of the competition was declared a failure in 72 hours.


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Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only teams that have not given up leaving the league and have reiterated once again “to continue developing the Super League project”.

They added that they intend to achieve this objective by cooperating with all the actors of the governing bodies, leagues, fans, players, coaches and clubs that initially announced their exit from the competition.

“Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to manage their own games,” the club continued in a statement.

“We are very happy that we will no longer be under constant threat from UEFA in the future.
” We know that some of our proposals needed a review. Of course, they can improve through dialogue and consensus.

“We are confident in the success of projects that always comply with EU legislation.”

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