Exciting moments: Juventus narrowly beat Lecce 2-1 thanks to some amazing goals

Goals: Juventus – Lecce – Played on 05/03/ 2023

Italian football team Juventus defeated Lecce 2-1 in a match held at Allianz Stadium in the 33rd round of the Serie A league. After four consecutive games without a win, Juventus regained its momentum with goals from Leandro Paredes and Dusan Vlahovic in the 15th and 40th minutes, respectively. Assan Cesay scored Lecce’s only goal from a penalty kick in the 37th minute.

Lecce’s position in the Serie A ranking table remains at 16th place with a score of 31 points, while Juventus rises temporarily to the runner-up position with 63 points.

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Lecce Starts Strong

Lecce had an early chance to take the lead in the match when Odin dribbled outside the area to penetrate and send a cross that Sisay followed and hit into the goal. However, the offside flag saved Juventus from conceding.

Paredes and Vlahovic Seal the Win

In the 15th minute, Paredes scored Juventus’s first goal with a direct free-kick shot that found the back of the net. Meriti almost added a second goal in the 17th minute, but the referee disallowed it for offside. Juventus continued to dominate, and in the 40th minute, Vlahovic scored a surprise shot to the right of the goalkeeper from a Kostic cross.

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Lecce’s Goal from Penalty Kick

Lecce managed to score in the 37th minute from a penalty kick after a handball by Juventus defender Danilo inside the area. Assan Sisay took the shot and scored for the guests.

Chances for Both Teams

The second half saw missed opportunities for both teams. Meriti missed a chance for Juventus at the start of the second half, while Baskerotto and Sisay had dangerous chances for Lecce. Chesney, the goalkeeper for Juventus, made crucial saves to keep his team in the lead.

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Despite the close match, Juventus ultimately claimed victory and moved up in the Serie A ranking table. The team will look to build on this win and continue their pursuit of the title.

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