Fiorentina qualifies for the European Conference


In the encounter that brought the two clubs together this evening, Saturday, at Artemio Franchi Stadium, in the penultimate round of the Italian League, Juventus was defeated by Fiorentina by two goals.

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Alfred Duncan opened the scoring in the 45th minute of the first half, and Nico Gonzalez

increased the lead from the penalty spot in the 90+2 minute.

Viola improved to 62 points in seventh place, officially qualifying for the European

Conference League, while Juve ended fourth with 70 points.

The game began quietly for both sides, with few attempts on both goals and limited play in

the middle of the field. In the 16th minute, Fiorentina defender Milenkovic erred in returning

the ball to his goalkeeper, leaving Kane alone because of the goal if it hadn’t been for

Terracciano’s exit, who grabbed the ball.

The game’s first attempt came in the 19th minute, when Gonzalez headed a free kick inside

the box, which reached Bonaventura, who blasted a shot that hit the Juventus defender and

bounced off the left post of a corner.

Moreover In the midst of Fiorentina’s intense pressure in front of the penalty area, the hosts

received a corner kick that was sent inside the area and met by defender Igor with a header that flew past goalkeeper Perin’s crossbar.

In the 42nd minute, Bonaventura collided with Bonucci in the Juventus penalty area, but the


referee determined that the game should be continued without any violations.

Duncan scored the game’s opening goal in the final minute of the first half, when a cross

from the left flank fell in the middle of a defensive darbka and reached Duncan, who

unleashed a strong left-footed drive against Juventus.

Fiorentina vs Juventus: Half Time

At the start of the second half, the ball reached Cristiano Biraghi on the left side,

who crossed into the box, where Nico Gonzalez met it with a scissors kick that went

over the crossbar.
Above all Weston McKinney made his return to Juve matches in the 76th minute, after being out for

months due to injury, to replace Meriti, while Vlahovic replaced Moise Kean in a bid to

reinvigorate the team’s offensive side.

In the 78th minute, after a corner taken within the penalty area, Piontic met it with a

header that Pensolio kept away to bounce back to Bonaventura, who unleashed a strong

shot from inside the penalty area to return the goalkeeper and keep it away from his goal.

However Torreira granted a penalty kick after attempting to avoid Bonucci inside the area

and collapsing.

And Nico Gonzalez converted the penalty shot into a second goal in the 92nd minute.


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