Germany leaves the World Cup with a sad victory over Costa Rica

Costa_Rica – Germany – Played on 12/ 01/2022

The German national team bid farewell to the 2022 World Cup from the group stage, despite its victory over Costa Rica (4-2), today, Thursday, at the end of the first round.

The victory did not intercede for the Germans to qualify after Japan and Spain snatched the promotion cards to the round of 16, while Germany finished third with 4 points, lagging behind Spain on goal difference, while Costa Rica bottomed the standings with 3 points.

surprise target

From the first real opportunity on the Costa Rican goal, Gnabry managed to surprise Keylor Navas with an early goal in the first 10 minutes, after he met Raum’s cross with a technical header in the far left corner.

Goritska almost added the second goal in the same way, but Navas was alert this time and brilliantly saved the ball from the goal line.

The Manshafts did not leave room for the Costa Rican players to advance toward the Manuel Neuer penalty area, which caused the absence of any danger to the German goal.

Navas stood in the way of a new attempt by the Manshafts on his own goal, by blocking a creeping long-range shot from Musiala.

Gnabry penetrated into the penalty area, firing a shot into the far left corner, but the ball passed near the post before Sani fired a missile shot from outside the area, but it missed the goal.

Campbell was close to catching Neuer’s net from the first dangerous opportunity, but his shot found Neuer on the lookout, so the first half ended with the Germans advancing with a goal.

The second half witnessed a set of successive shocks to the Germans after the news came from the other match that Japan tied with Spain, before turning the tables and advancing on the Matadors.

The task becomes difficult

Not only that, but Costa Rica evened the score through Tejeda, making the task more difficult for Hans Flick’s men.

The post stood in front of the Germans’ progress again after Musiala’s ball responded with a left shot before Mueller fired a missile shot at the goal.

In the 70th minute, Juan Vargas fired a fatal shot at the Manchafts with a second goal for Costa Rica, which shocked the German players.

But the German response came quickly through Havertz, who received a ball inside the area, to convert it with a shot into the net, equalizing the score again.

Havertz returned to add his second goal and the third for his team, to light the match in its final minutes, before another substitute (Volkrug) scored a fourth goal, which was calculated by the match referee after returning to video technology.

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