How to frame a football shirt!?


How to frame a football shirt, a football shirt is the best way to show your support for your team and the game itself.

Football Shirts From The Past And Present Are Worn With Honour On Game Days And Cherished Forever By Fans Because The Colours And Badge Can Help You Feel More Connected To Your Club Or National Side.

If you’re fortunate enough to acquire a special shirt, such as one that a star player has autographed or even worn before, you’ll develop an entirely new bond with it. Folding it away in your wardrobe where it will go unnoticed and underappreciated is therefore a crime. These things make a statement.

How to frame a football shirt While it is feasible to frame a football shirt yourself

it is much wiser to have the task completed on your behalf by a reputable framing business.

Without the skills and tools necessary to create a professionally finished frame, DIY framing can be quite challenging; you shouldn’t take a chance with such a priceless item.

how to frame a football shirt

Because we at SohoFrames didn’t particularly like the way most people framed football shirts, we came up with our own method.

Typically, a piece of cardboard is inserted inside the shirt in this manner, and everything is secured with double-sided tape, glue, or staples. We don’t do that.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on framing a football jersey:


Before framing, we steam the football shirt to remove the creases and take great care to remove any handwritten signatures.

Although we typically just steam them outstretched, you can frame them however you like, for instance with the arms folded over.

Stretch it onto a mountboard in step two.

Stretching the shirt onto a piece of conservation mountboard is the next step. We secure the garment with T-tags to make sure it keeps its shape. These tiny plastic stitches resemble the ones used to secure a brand-new pair of socks.

We take a shot of the shirt from above after we are satisfied with the mounting,

Design the window mount in step three.

everything is in the right place, and the folds under the arms are even and nicely organised. Then, using this image as inspiration,

a window mount design is created that replicates the shape of the shirt precisely.

This protects the edges of the shirt, conceals any apparent stitching, and keeps space between the jersey and the glass to prevent moisture buildup that could result in mould.

Cut and fit the window mount in step four.

In order to make the necessary design adjustments so that the finished mount fits exactly over the shirt,

this technique frequently calls for multiple test cuts. After cutting, the mount will be positioned over the shirt, sandwiched between the glass and the backing board, and sealed.

Depending on the item, our procedures can be adjusted. Without a window mount, we might, for instance, painstakingly sew sportswear like rugby shirts into shape.

This is because, unlike football shirts, which often have collarless crew necks,

their collars are excessively thick compared to the rest of the shirt and can’t lay flat for the mount to seal the edges. Instead, we decide to fold over the sleeves of thicker clothes like this and use a spacer to keep the pieces away from the glass.

Choose the frame in Step 5

Depending on your preference, the piece can be fitted to a variety of frames.

however we would advise the latter if the shirt is extremely thick. If the colour doesn’t clash with the decor of your house, picking one that matches your shirt can appear particularly striking. Almost any colour is available for custom spray frames.

Along with your framed football shirt, you can also like to add complementary things like engraved metal plaques or images.

A photograph of the key player wearing the jersey during a game is frequently used by clients to highlight the jersey’s relevance.

how to frame a football shirt

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main reasons

Why Use a Custom Frame for Your Shirt

you’ll want to make the effort before we get into the best advice for framing your football shirt.

Support your group

Your Life Will Be Significantly Impacted By A Favourite Football Team

so you’ll want to show your devotion to them whenever you can. This can be accomplished by hanging a valued shirt inside a gorgeous custom frame.

It’s nice to display priceless memories and souvenirs on the walls of your house.


This can truly make a house feel like a home, and it enables you to cherish your memories for years to come. You’ll always be reminded of those enjoyable occasions if you frame a special football shirt.

You should take excellent care of a particular football shirt if you own one.

With the proper maintenance,

you may preserve your football shirt for many years to come and pass it down as a priceless heirloom.

Putting a Football Shirt in a Frame

Now That We Know More About The Reasons Someone Might Want To Frame A Football Shirt, Let’s Look At The Procedures You Need Take To Accomplish It Right

Thoroughly wash your football jersey
To start, you need thoroughly clean your football shirt. If the shirt was worn by a player, sweat will have stained it, hastening the shirt’s deterioration.

The garment should be gently washed while you abide by the written care directions. It can be worthwhile to visit a reputable dry cleaner to obtain their opinion if you’re concerned about erasing a signature or damaging the shirt.

You must carefully complete this vital first step. Your garment will last for many years if you follow these instructions

Track down the ideal bespoke frame
It’s time to seriously consider the bespoke frame you want to have after your clean shirt is ready. Finding a shadowbox frame is crucial since it will offer you the depth you need to comfortably frame your clothing.

There are countless alternatives available to you when purchasing bespoke frames.

Consider how you want your frame to appear with the shirt inside it and get some ideas from some excellent examples.

You should feel free to speak with a bespoke frame supplier if you need some advice. These experts will be able to offer their insights and assist you in advancing your project

Consider other elements to frame.
It’s a good idea to consider other items that you might want to put inside the frame as you’re choosing one. Those additional pieces can give your shirt some context and liveliness.

You could wish to include something memorable from the game, like a special snapshot, or your ticket. Some people also choose to frame other items, such as scarves. It’s a fantastic method to give your frame more dimension and produce something unique.

how to frame a football shirt

Once more, don’t hesitate to speak with a bespoke framing provider and look for some fantastic inspiration

Use foam to fill out the football shirt.

Without foam padding, a shirt can appear a touch lifeless and odd. Because of this, you may wish to hang the garment from a foam cutout, which will give it shape and enhance its appearance.

If you have the necessary materials, creating the suitable form isn’t too difficult. It could be worthwhile to visit an arts and crafts store to get the appropriate supplies and receive some advice if you want to give your project a professional touch.

Your cherished football jersey will receive the attention it deserves thanks to this added touch

Fix the football jersey to the wall frame.
It’s time to connect the football shirt to the frame after it’s ready. There are a variety of possible approaches you may take in this situation, but you should certainly choose the one that would cause the least damage.

Some people choose to sew the shirt to the frame’s back, while others may choose to thread it up. Your preferences will determine the precise approach, so talk to your bespoke framing supplier to receive their suggestions

Locate the ideal spot to hang your football jersey!
Finding the ideal spot for your frame is a straightforward process once your football jersey has been inserted inside the frame.

Find a spot that isn’t too hot or wet if at all possible. Additionally, you should look for a location away from the sun’s damaging UV rays because they run the risk of fading the colours and making the fabric more fragile.

Of course, football enthusiasts will want to display the item prominently so they can enjoy it frequently.


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