Hungary’s Victory Over Bulgaria Sends Strong Message in Euro 2024 Qualifying Race

Goals: Hungary – Bulgaria – Played on 03/27/2023

Dominik Szoboszlai participated in the Hungary-Bulgaria game in Group G of the European football championship qualifiers on March 27, 2023, after scoring a goal. Roland Sallai and Blint Vcsei are standing next to him. Zsolt Czegldi/MTI


In the 40th minute, a handball against Valentin Antov prompted the hosts to demand a penalty. When the Turkish referee approached his VAR room colleagues for advice, they informed him that the Bulgarian defender had not broken any rules.


HUNGARY: SUCCESS! 3:0! ADAM MARTIN! But, despite everyone’s best efforts, the first half has yet to end. The Magyars established a 3:0 lead deservingly in the 39th minute. Dominik Soboslay lectured while possessing the ball as he sped past a number of our defenders. The ball eventually reached the unguarded Martin Adam, who advanced past Naumov to the classic after combining with Bola, who had been stopped by the sword of Valjo Antov.


Even more concerning than the overall picture of this European qualifier was the fact that, even after only 30 minutes, our countrymen appeared to be physically out of condition. And this was not at all a suitable foundation for the remaining, extremely challenging parts of the battle.


HUNGARY: SUCCESS! 2:0! COME ON! As soon as the score changed to 0:2 in the 25th minute, Bulgaria’s evening started to take on a nightmare tone. After scoring a rare goal straight from a direct free kick, Captain Soboslai shown that he is a footballer of the highest caliber. The leather ball was spun by the playmaker such that it landed in the upper left corner of the fully extended Naumov.


The issues with Bulgaria persisted. If not for Naumov’s outstanding effort, the visitors may have fallen behind by 0:2 after a few more minutes in the capital of Hungary. The powerful midrange shot from Adam that unfortunately deflected dangerously into Valentin Antov’s knee had to be saved by our No. 1.

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During precisely seven minutes, the Bulgarians used defensive strategies. Then the worst happened, and the home team was ahead 1:0. Dominik Soboslai was left to conduct a raid between three of our players after the “lions” defense failed to appropriately respond to a corner cross. Roland Salah, who was unmarked when the RB Leipzig player released him, took a low shot that Naumov was able to stop. The FC CSKA 1948 guard reacted aggressively in the effort to add Willy Orban, but logically gave up on the third shot, this one by Balint Veschsey, within seconds. Due to suspicions of an ambush, the goal was briefly reviewed by VAR, but luck did not favor the “lions” in this case.


Half of our national squad was under intense pressure from the Hungarians, who were propelled by the enthusiasm of roughly 50,000 of their fans. This clearly upset Mladen Krastaic’s pick in the first few seconds, but Dani Naumov’s early chance to score in front of goal was not successful.

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