In the Calcio, Juventus defeats Empoli


Today, Friday, in the 11th round of the Italian League, Juventus trounced its visitor Empoli by a score of 4-0 at the Allianz Stadium In the Calcio.

Juventus – Empoli Played on 10/21/ 2022

Adrien Rabiot (82, 90 +4), Weston McKinney (56), and Moise Kean (08) all scored for Juventus.

With this victory, Juventus improved their standing to seventh position with 19 points,

while Empoli’s standing stagnated at eleventh place with 11 points.

After five minutes of play, Moise Kean had the first opportunity of the game when he was

able to seize the ball following a pass error by the Empoli center, advance into the penalty

area, and fire a potent shot that went over the crossbar.

When De Winter failed to clear a perfectly placed cross from the left by Kostic, Kane scored

Juventus’ opening goal eight minutes later by shooting through two Empoli defenders and

into the back of the net.

After a wonderful cross from Adrian Rabio, Vlahovic rose to head it, but goalkeeper Vicario

managed to run out just in time and stop the ball before Vlahovic could shoot, saving Juve

from going up two goals in the 24th minute.

In the 31st minute, after a beautiful cross from the right by Weston McKinney, Kane leapt to

receive and turned it around with a header that went just past goalie Vicario’s right post.

Empoli reacted swiftly, and on the following opportunity, Parisi blasted a strong shot from

beyond the penalty area that struck his teammate Destro and caused him to tumble.

Destro then followed the shot towards the goal, but Chesney was able to escape his net and

prevent a catastrophe.

After Cuadrado crossed from the right for Makeni inside the box, Vicario continued to shine

and prevented the old lady from scoring.


However, the Empoli goalkeeper swiftly rushed out to save his team once more.

In the last seconds of the first half, Empoli made an effort to get going, and Piazza headed a cross from the right into the goal’s side netting.
In the second half, Juve added a second goal in the 55th minute when McKinney headed in Cuadrado’s corner kick from within the penalty area.

Kostic received the ball from the left outside the area and struck a strong shot from the perimeter of the area, but it missed the net.
After a fresh pass from Kostic in the 64th minute, Moise Kean scored the third goal for the elderly lady. Keane met her with a goal-bound header, but the referee disallowed it for being offside.
Cuadrado nearly fooled the Empoli goalie with a cross from the right side that was headed towards the back of the net except for the goalkeeper’s quick thinking, who diverted it with his fingertips.

Adrien Rabiot then scored Juve’s third goal in the 82nd minute by heading in a corner kick that the Bianconeri had taken inside the box to the far corner. The goalie had attempted to stop Rabiot from doing so.
Following a wonderful cross from Cuadrado from the right into the box, Juventus striker Arkadiusz Milik connected with the ball with a header that went just wide of the left post. Milik thus missed the chance to boost his team’s goal total.

After a counterattack, Rabiot scored the fourth goal in the final four minutes of play. Locatelli delivered the ball to Danilo on the right side, who broke through and passed the ball to Rabiot on a plate, who scored.


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