Juventus defeats Lecce in a close contest


Lecce -#Juventus Played on 10/29/2022

At the end of its pitiful elimination in the Champions League after its new defeat against

Benfica last Tuesday (4-3), Juventus had to make a result on the lawn of Lecce not to sink

definitively into the crisis.Counting for the 12th day of Serie A, the meeting also ended with

a small victory for the players of Massimiliano Allegri, on the smallest of margins (1-0),

surely still traumatized after their European disappointment. At the start of the match, the

Old Lady came up against a grouped opponent and could not make the difference, the fault

of a lack of success in the penultimate gesture. especially considering how rough the

opening period of the game was. The first heated exchange between the Turinese in this

encounter had to wait until the very last seconds of the first act. Adrien Rabiot triumphed in

his contest with Filip Kostic to receive a corner from the left and sent down a strong header

that Wladimiro Falcone blocked at the very last second (43rd). Well contained by a

dependable foe, When the Juventus players emerged from the locker room, they were

getting more and more dangerous. On a Juan Cuadrado free kick, Arkadiusz Milik nearly

extended Federico Gatti’s header in front of goal, but the Italian goalie from Lecce was able


to grab the leather on the ground (53rd). After the hour mark, Falcone blocked the former

striker of Olympique de Marseille’s shot from the left that was too axial (64th).

Juventus defeats Lecce

Moise Kean, who had returned a few minutes earlier (in the 62nd), uncrossed his head excessively in front of goal, worrying the opposing rearguard (68th). Following a wonderful idea from one of its young players, Juventus was able to resolve the situation. Nicolo Fagioli rolled up a fantastic shot from the right that, with the aid of the post, found the opposite skylight at the entry to the surface on the left (71st, 1-0). Morten Hjulmand recovered just before the meeting ended and prepared to fire a cross shot at the entrance to the surface. The latter was knocked back by Wojciech Szczesny’s left upright (89th).

The Bianconeri were very alarmed and were not at all calm at the conclusion of the meeting. Juventus moves up to sixth place in the preliminary standings as a result of this narrow victory, while Lecce faces danger since they are only two points above the drop zone.


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