Juventus preys on Salerentana in Calcio

Salernitana – Juventus – Played on 02/07/2023

Juventus defeated hosts Salerentana, 3-0, at Ariki Stadium, at the end of the 21st week of the Italian League.

Juventus scored the hat-trick Dusan Vlahovic in the 26th minute (penalty) and 47, and Philip Kostic in the 45th minute.

Juventus raised its tally to 26 points in 12th place, equal to the tenth Monza and the eleventh Empoli, ahead of it by goal difference.

On the other hand, Salerentana’s balance is stuck at 21 points in 16th place.

The first moments passed quietly on both sides, until the 18th minute came, after Juventus defender, Danilo found Salerentana Ochoa goalkeeper outside his goal, so he fired a shot from the middle of the field, but it passed by the goal.

And in the 25th minute, Juventus got a penalty kick after Meriti fell inside the area after contact with Cavali, the Salerentana player, and Vlahovic kicked it, scoring and giving Juventus the lead.

Vlahovic almost scored the second goal, after receiving a long ball from Di Maria in the 33rd minute, so he fired a missile shot at the bird, which passed over the crossbar.

Vlahovic returned two minutes later to threaten Salerentana’s goal, as he penetrated from the left side and hit a creeping ground ball with his left foot, which passed near the left post of goalkeeper Ochoa.

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Juventus made an emergency substitution in the 42nd minute, entering Fagioli instead of Meriti, who suffered a severe injury.

In the 45th minute, Di Maria sent a cross that was dispersed by Salerentana’s defense, and it reached Vlahovic, who shot wrongly, and the ball reached Kosic, who skillfully put it between the defender and the goalkeeper into the net.

80 seconds after the start of the second half, Cavali, Salerentana’s player, made a mistake in passing in the middle of the field, so the ball went to Fagioli, who sent the ball on a plate of gold to Vlahovic, who shot to the left of Ochoa in the net, scoring his second goal and the third for the old lady.

And there was a good opportunity to reduce the score for Salrentana in the 50th minute, after a cross from Sambia from the right, goalkeeper Chesney failed to deal with it, and it passed in front of him to reach Boulay Dia, who failed to put it in Juve’s net and his ball passed outside the goal.

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Di Maria, the star of Juve, almost scored the fourth goal, had it not been for the crossbar, which blocked his missile shot.

Substitute Bonazoli, the Salerentana player, was close to scoring as well, with a shot on the bird, which passed by Juve’s left post.

In the 70th minute, defender Brun received a pass outside the penalty area, then aimed a missile ball that passed near the right post of Juventus goalkeeper Chesney.

Minutes later, Vlahovic managed to take possession of the ball with a header from two defenders, and he went towards the area to pass the ball to Keiza, who fired a powerful shot that passed by the goal.

And from a quick counterattack in the 85th minute, Keiza launched the ball from the middle of the field, penetrated, and then passed a ball between the defenders to Moise Kean, who fired a creeping ground shot that hit the post and passed outside the goal. The following minutes did not result in anything new, as Juventus confirmed their victory.

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