Leipzig imposes a draw on Manchester City

Goals: RB Leipzig – Manchester City – Played on 02/22/2023

Leipzig imposed a 1-1 draw on its guest, Manchester City, in the match hosted by the Red Bull Arena this evening, Wednesday, in the first leg of the Champions League final.

Manchester City opened the scoring via Riyad Mahrez in the 27th minute, and Leipzig equalized through Josko Gvardiol in the 70th minute.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of City in the 14th minute, with Diaz rising to a cross from a corner executed by Mahrez, hitting a header that Blasvic caught.

City returned to try in the 18th minute, with a shot from Rodrigo from the edge of the area, which went over the crossbar.

City opened the scoring in the 27th minute, after a mistake by Schlager in passing the ball, so Grealish killed it and passed it to Gundogan, who in turn passed it to Mahrez, to separate goalkeeper Blasevich and hit a powerful ball from inside the area that hit the net.

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City missed the opportunity to add the second goal in the 30th minute, with Rodrigo following up a cross from a corner that Mahrez executed, hitting a powerful header that passed next to the post.

City continued to crawl towards Leipzig’s goal, with a powerful shot from Grealish from inside the area in the 36th minute, which went just above the crossbar.

Rodrigo rose again to a cross from a corner that Mahrez executed in the 40th minute, hitting a header that went over the crossbar.

Leipzig appeared offensively for the first time in the second minute of stoppage time, with a shot from Werner from inside the area, which went weak in the hands of Ederson, to end the first half with Manchester City advancing (1-0).

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City started the second half strongly, after Gundogan penetrated the left side of the area in the 50th minute, sending a cross to Mahrez, who was free of control, who in turn hit a direct ball that hit Leipzig’s defense before hitting the net.

The response came from Leipzig in the 53rd minute, with a powerful header from substitute Heinrich, just above the crossbar.

Hinrich missed a real opportunity to adjust in the 55th minute, after receiving a distinctive through ball inside the area, to separate Ederson and hit a powerful ground ball, which passed just past the post.

Leipzig’s search for the equalizer continued, with Silva Diaz manipulating inside the area in the 63rd minute, alone with Ederson and blocking the Brazilian goalkeeper’s brilliance.

In a rare offensive appearance for Halland, he received a through ball on the right side of the penalty area in the 68th minute, after which he hit a ground ball that went wide of the goal.

Szoboszlay fired a missile from outside the area in the 69th minute, and Ederson shone in turning it into a corner kick.

From that corner, Halstenberg sent a cross that Gvardiol rose to, hitting a header that hit the net, equalizing the score for Leipzig.

City almost regained its lead quickly in the 74th minute, after Grealish passed the ball to Gundogan inside the area, to hit a powerful ball. Blasevich shone in tackling it, and the next minutes did not witness anything new, so the match ended in a draw (1-1).

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