Lionel Messi PSG: the dream is wining the Champions League at PSG

the dream is wining the Champions League at Paris St-Germain: Lionel Messi PSG

Lionel Messi PSG said he dreams of winning the Champions League again after signing for Paris Saint-Germain, adding: “I think we have a team that can do this.”

The 34-year-old Argentine captain is in Barcelona. He won four Champions League titles, the last time was in 2015.
PSG are still looking for their first championship in the game, losing to Bayern Munich in the 2020 final.

“My goal and my dream is to win the Champions League again, “said Messi in the presentation of the status of player of Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi left Barcelona, ​​joined Barcelona at the age of 13, because according to La Liga’s financial fair play rules, they couldn’t afford a new deal. Considered one of the best players of all time, he scored a record of 672 giant goals in 778 games for the Catalans.

During the Camp Nou, he won a record six Golden Globes and lifted 35 trophies, but said that after leaving Barcelona in a “difficult” period, he was happy to “start this new moment in my life.”

“After so long, this is a difficult change,” he told reporters in the Prince’s Park. “But the moment I got here, I felt very happy, I really wanted to start training. I hope it’s fast.

” My only wish now is to start training. I want to work with staff and teammates to start this new moment in my life.

“I am looking forward to the game. Really impatient. I still want to win, just like the first moment of my career.

” I think this club is ready to fight for all trophies. That is my goal. I want to continue to grow and continue to win championships. This is why I came to this club.”


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It would be nice to return to Barcelona Added to Messi’s choice of signing a two-year contract with Barcelona A third of the already talented team is an important step in PSG's quest to reach the European summit. After losing to Manchester City in the semi-finals last season, the Parisian, who also lost to Lille’s Ligue 1 champions last season, recruited Champions League champions Sergio Ramos, Giorgio Vinaldum and May oo. However, Messi realized that to raise the trophy for the fifth time, he would have to face Barcelona on the away scene and admitted that playing at the Nou Camp in the colors of Paris Saint-Germain would be "very strange". "Barcelona is my home. I have been there since I was a kid, and I experienced a lot of things there," he added. "I don't know if we will face each other and I will be happy to return to Barcelona. " It would be weird to wear another jersey at home in Barcelona, ​​but it may happen and we will show it. "

We have the most competitive team in the world`

Messi’s arrival has completed one of the strongest offensive lines in history. The South American is ready to play in the front row of Paris Saint-Germain with the two players of Barcelona’s most expensive former teammates, Neymar and Kelly Ann Mbappé.

PSG president Nasser AlKhelaifi believes that Messi’s hiring is decisive in keeping Mbappé at the club. The contract for the 2018 World Cup winner will expire in 2022.

“He wants a competitive team, I think we have the most competitive team in the world, so now he has no excuses, he can only stay,” said AlKhelaifi.

To defend the club’s spending, AlKhelaifi added: “As a means of communication, you should pay attention not only to the negative side, but also to the positive side that it will bring to the club.

“We verify with our financial staff, and knowing that we can sign it. Through all this, we pursue financial fair competition and will always abide by financial fair competition laws and regulations. “

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