Lithuania Dashes Bulgaria’s Euro Hopes with a 2-0 Victory

Lithuania outplays Bulgaria in a crucial Euro 2024 qualifier, dimming Bulgaria’s hopes for a spot in the European Championship. Povilas Servas shines with two goals.


In a high-stakes showdown that unfolded on Saturday, Lithuania dealt a significant blow to Bulgaria‘s aspirations of securing a coveted spot in the upcoming European Football Championship, slated to be hosted by Germany. The clash, part of the seventh round of qualifiers in Group Seven, saw Lithuania emerge victorious with a commanding 2-0 win.

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Povilas Servas Shines:

Lithuania’s triumph was punctuated by the exceptional performance of Povilas Servas, who etched his name in the annals of Lithuanian football history. Servas showcased his prowess with two pivotal goals, netting in the 45th and 55th minutes of the match. His contributions on the field were nothing short of spectacular and played a vital role in securing Lithuania’s victory.

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Turning Point for Bulgaria:

However, the match took a dramatic turn for Bulgaria when their star striker, Andrian Kraev, was shown a red card in the 42nd minute. Kraev’s expulsion followed a second yellow card, an incident that significantly altered the course of the game. Reduced to ten players, Bulgaria struggled to regain their footing and create scoring opportunities.

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Group Standings:

This defeat marked Bulgaria’s fourth loss in the qualifiers, with only two draws to their name. As a result, they now find themselves rooted at the bottom of Group Seven with a mere two points. In contrast, Lithuania’s first victory in the qualifiers elevated them to the fourth position with five points. This win has reignited Lithuania’s hopes of making a stronger push in the competition.

Lithuania now trails the group leaders, Hungary and Serbia, by a mere five points. Hungary and Serbia are set to face off in a crucial showdown later in this round, with the outcome poised to have a profound impact on the group standings. Additionally, Lithuania is now just two points behind Montenegro, a team that did not participate in this round.

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In conclusion, Lithuania’s resounding victory not only dashed Bulgaria’s Euro aspirations but also injected new life into their own campaign. As the qualifiers progress, Bulgaria faces a daunting challenge to resurrect their Euro dreams, while Lithuania’s renewed hope and momentum position them as contenders to watch in the upcoming matches, promising an exciting competition ahead.

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