Liverpool tastes Newcastle the bitterness of the first defeat in their own home

Goals: Newcastle United – Liverpool – Played on 02/ 18/2023

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Liverpool returned with a valuable victory from Newcastle Square, by defeating it with two goals without a response, in the match that was held at St. James Park this evening, Saturday, as part of the matches of round No. 24 of the English Premier League.

Darwin Nunez scored a double for Liverpool in the 10th minute and Cody Jacobo in the 17th minute.

With that result, Liverpool raised its score to 35 points in eighth place, while Newcastle’s balance froze at 41 points in fourth place.

Newcastle started the match strongly, after Almiron received a distinctive through from Maximin in the fourth minute, to separate Alison and hit a ball from inside the area, the Brazilian goalkeeper’s brilliance in stopping it.

Maximin reappeared in the fifth minute, following up on a ball away from Liverpool’s defense inside the area, hitting a ball directly at the bird that went wide of the goal.

Liverpool opened the scoring in the tenth minute, after Nunez received a distinctive through from Arnold, to separate goalkeeper Bob and hit a powerful ball that hit the net.

And soon, Liverpool added the second goal in the 17th minute, after a magic pass from Salah towards Jakbo inside the area, to single out Bob, and hit a ball that hit the net.

Newcastle suffered a big blow in the 22nd minute, by expelling its goalkeeper Bob after he touched a ball from outside the penalty area with his hand to prevent Salah from being alone.

Liverpool tried to take advantage of the expulsion by adding a third goal in the 25th minute, by rising from Jakpo to cross from a violation, hitting a header that was blocked by substitute goalkeeper Dubravka.

Maximin almost narrowed the difference to Newcastle in the 31st minute, after manipulating Robertson and Van Dyck inside the area, before hitting a powerful ball that touched Alisson’s fingers and hit the crossbar.

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The crossbar continued to oppose Newcastle, by blocking a powerful header from Char in the 41st minute.

And in the third minute of stoppage time, Almiron hit a ball from the border of the area, which passed next to the post, to end the first half, with Liverpool advancing with two goals without a response.

Newcastle searched for a comeback at the start of the second half, with a shot by Issac from inside the area in the 52nd minute, which passed next to the post.

The response came from Liverpool with a powerful ground strike from Nunez from inside the area in the 57th minute, Dubravka shone in tackling it.

Maximin reappeared, starting from the middle of the field in the 61st minute, until he reached the penalty area, after which he hit a ball that went wide of the goal.

After a period of calm, Liverpool appeared offensively again in the 81st minute, with a shot from Salah from the edge of the area, which went weak in the hands of Dubravka.

And Newcastle continued to miss opportunities, and that was through Wilson this time completely alone with Alisson in the 82nd minute, the Brazilian goalkeeper excelled in stopping him.

Jota crossed into the area in the 90th minute, hitting a header that passed just past the post, so the match ended with Liverpool winning with two goals without a response.

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