Mahrez leads Manchester City to defeat Chelsea in his own home

Video goals :Chelsea_FC -Manchester City – Played on 01/05/ 2023

The Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, led his team, Manchester City, to overcome the obstacle of its host, Chelsea, after defeating it (1-0), this evening, Thursday, at the summit of round No. 19 of the English Premier League.

Mahrez assumed the championship role in the match, after scoring Manchester City’s only goal in the 63rd minute, to give Spanish coach Pep Guardiola’s team 3 valuable points in their campaign to retain the competition title for the third season in a row.

City’s balance rose to 39 points in second place, reducing the difference with Arsenal (leader) to 5 points, while Chelsea’s balance, which achieved a single victory in its last 8 confrontations in the competition, stopped at 25 points in tenth place.

first half

Chelsea suffered an early blow, with Sterling suffering a muscle injury in the 2nd minute, as a result of which he was unable to complete the match, to leave and be replaced by Aubameyang.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Chelsea after Cucurella sent a deceptive cross from the left side toward the goal, which passed next to the post.

Pulisic was injured, after Stones interfered with him while trying to hit a ball, to leave the field in the 22nd minute, and Chukwuemica replaced him.

Manchester City appeared offensively for the first time in the 33rd minute, with a curved shot from Gundogan from the edge of the area, which passed next to the post.

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City almost opened the scoring in the 37th minute, after Haaland received a distinctive pin inside the area from Gundogan, hitting a ball that passed just past the post.

Chukwuemica missed the opportunity to open the scoring for Chelsea in the 43rd minute, with a low shot from the edge of the area that hit the post.

The Belgian, Kevin De Bruyne, responded immediately after that, with a shot from outside the area, which was caught by Kiba, so that the first half ended in a goalless draw.

Second half

City started the second half with a strong ground shot from Haaland from the edge of the area in the 48th minute, which passed next to the post.

City almost scored the lead goal in the 51st minute, after Aki went up to a cross from De Bruyne, hitting a header that hit the post.

City continued to advance towards the Chelsea goal, with a powerful ground strike from De Bruyne from the edge of the area, and Kepa excelled in stopping it.

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Chelsea appeared in a realized opportunity in the 56th minute, with a powerful shot from Silva from inside the area, which passed just past the post.

And City continued attempts to open the scoring, through a shot from De Bruyne from inside the area, which also passed next to the post.

City opened the scoring in the 63rd minute when Grealish sent a cross, and Mahrez followed it up with a direct shot that hit the net.

Havertz rose to a pass from Hutchinson, hitting a header that Ederson caught, then Kovacic hit, but his ball went wide of the goal.

Chukwuemeka kicked off, passing the ball to his colleague Louis Hull, who shot wide of the goal, and the match ended after that with Manchester City winning (1-0).

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