Manchester City”‘ defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers

Manchester City”‘ swept Wolverhampton 5-1 at Molyneux Stadium in a postponed match of the English Premier League’s 33rd round on Wednesday.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City”‘ Goals

Manchester City"'

Kevin De Bruyne scored City’s five goals in the 7th, 16th, 24th, and 60th minutes, and

Raheem Sterling scored in the 84th minute, while Leander Dendoncker scored

Wolverhampton’s solitary goal in the 11th minute.

Manchester City maintained its lead in the table with 89 points, while Wolverhampton

remained in eighth place with 50 points.

City took the lead in the seventh minute as Bernardo passed De Bruyne inside the area, who

then fired a ground ball that found its way into the net.

Bernardo attempted a second goal in the tenth minute, but his powerful effort from the left

side of the penalty area flew wide of the goal.

In the 11th minute, Wolverhampton equalized in a counter-attack that Jimenez started with a

midfield kick and passed to Neto on the left side, who passed the ball to Dendoncker, who

was free of control inside the area and struck a ground ball into the net.

De Bruyne gave City the lead for the second time in the 16th minute, after passing Sterling,

who was the only player in the game, and the goalkeeper clearing the ball, allowing the

Belgian star inside the area to score straight.

With a thunderous ground shot from the edge of the penalty area that slammed into Sa’s

net in the 24th minute, De Bruyne secured his hat-trick.

Rodrygo’s powerful drive from outside the area sailed over the crossbar in the 27th minute,

cont inuing City’s march towards the Wolverhampton goal


Man City came back in the 39th minute when Cancelo sent a ball wide of the goal from the

right side of the penalty area.

With a ground shot that went just wide of the post in the 45th minute, De Bruyne went for

the incredible hat-trick, and the first half concluded with City leading (3-1).

In the 60th minute, De Bruyne scored his fourth goal after passing Foden on the left side

and returning the ball to him, where De Bruyne shot a ground ball that went into the net.

Manchester City”‘ vs Wolverhampton

In the 62nd minute, Foden came close to scoring the fifth goal with a ground shot from the left side of the penalty area that barely missed the post.
De Bruyne then played a fantastic link to Foden inside the area in the 67th minute, setting himself aside for Sasa and hitting a ground ball that hit the post.
Dendoncker then hit a strong ground ball that Ederson comfortably handled in a rare attacking appearance for Wolverhampton.

Then, in the 69th minute, Jimenez curled the ball from outside the box, and Ederson shined in converting it to a corner kick.

After Foden threw a cross towards Sterling, who was free of censorship inside the penalty area, Sterling squandered a real chance to add the fifth goal in the 76th minute, but he fired oddly next to the post.

City added a fifth goal in the 84th minute when Grealish transferred the ball inside the area to Cancelo, who blasted a ball that hit the Wolverhampton defense, allowing Sterling to score comfortably in front of the empty net.
Then, in the 86th minute, Sterling almost scored the sixth goal on his own, hitting a ground ball that barely went past the post.
De Bruyne blasted a curving ball from inside the box that hit the post in the 89th minute, ending the match with City winning (5-1).

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