Manchester City presses Arsenal with a hat-trick in Leeds

video goals: Leeds-Manchester City-Played on 12/28/2022

Manchester City defeated Leeds United 3-1 today, Wednesday, at Elland Road, in the 17th round of the English Premier League.

In the Man City trilogy, Rodrigo and Haaland scored a “double” in minutes (45 + 1), 51 and 64, respectively.

Pascal Strwick scored Leeds United’s goal in the 73rd minute.

Manchester City raised its score to 35 points in second place, while Leeds United froze at 15 points in 15th place.

Man City started the match strongly, by sending Aki Bennett to Haaland in the first minute, so he singled himself out and hit a falling ball that was saved by goalkeeper Millier.

Louis paved the ball to De Bruyne on the edge of the area in the sixth minute, so the Belgian hit a direct ball that passed next to the post.

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Man City returned to the offensive in the 20th minute, with a ground shot by Gundogan from outside the area.

Manchester City wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 31st minute after De Bruyne passed to Haaland, who singled out Millier, and hit a ground ball that the goalkeeper shone in tackling it.

Mahrez sent a cross into the penalty area towards Grealish, who was uncensored, who in turn hit the bird, which went over the crossbar in the 32nd minute.

Mahrez passed a distinctive through to Gundogan, who was alone with the goalkeeper in the 35th minute so that the German star hit a ball that was saved by Millier.

In the 45th minute, Louis penetrated the right side and passed to Grealish, who was free of control inside the area and hit a direct ball that went over the crossbar.

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Man City opened the scoring in the first minute of stoppage time for the first half, after Mahrez h it a ground ball that was saved by Millier, and Rodrigo followed it up with a shot that hit the net.

In the 51st minute, Manchester City scored its second goal after Cooper made a mistake in passing the ball, so Grealish killed it and passed it to Haaland, who easily shot it into the net.

And Leeds tried to adjust quickly in the 55th minute, with a shot from Aronson from the edge of the area, which went over the crossbar.

Haaland signed the personal double and the third goal for City in the 64th minute, after he followed Grealish’s pass inside the area, hitting a direct ball that touched Millier’s fingers and settled into the net.

And Leeds succeeded in reducing the difference in the 73rd minute, with Stroik rising to a cross from a corner kick, hitting a header that touched Ederson’s fingers and settled into the net.

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De Bruyne tried to write his name on the list of scorers in the 75th minute, with a ground shot from the edge of the area, which Millier caught.

Haaland almost signed the hat-trick in the 78th minute, completely alone with Millier, hitting a weak ground ball, which the goalkeeper caught easily.

Leeds missed the opportunity to score the second goal in the 79th minute, after Greenwood sent a cross from the right side, followed by Gilhardt with a direct shot from inside the area that passed next to the post.

In the 82nd minute, Leeds got a violation at the border of the area, which Greenwood carried out, hitting a direct ball that went wide of the goal.

Man City reappeared in the 88th minute, with Stones following a ball away from Leeds’ defense inside the area, hitting a ball that went far from the goal, to end the match with City’s victory (3-1).

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