Milan regains its prestige in the Champions League at the expense of Tottenham

Goals: Tottenham Hotspur – AC Milan – Played on 03/08/ 2023

A goalless draw dominated the meeting between Tottenham Hotspur and its guest Milan, today, Wednesday, at Tottenham Stadium, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

With this result, Milan qualified for the quarter-finals, after winning (1-0) on aggregate, while Spurs left the competition.

The first minutes passed quietly without any significant danger, amid many wrong passes from the feet of the players of both teams.

first half

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In the 12th minute, Tottenham carried out a quick counterattack, and the ball finally reached Emerson Royal on the edge of the area, who fired a shot that hit Tomori’s foot and reached goalkeeper Maenan.

The first opportunity in the match came to the Rossoneri after 18 minutes had passed after Milan got a short free kick that was carried out to Tonali and then to Messias on the right side to penetrate into the area and fire a ground shot that passed by the goal.

Harry Kane had an opportunity to threaten Milan’s goal in the 35th minute after he received a ball inside the penalty area to hit a creeping ball that hit defender Thiao’s foot and changed direction to pass towards the near corner, but Maenan turned it away for a corner.

Second half

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The first attempt at the goal came in the 50th minute, after a counterattack by Milan, it reached Diaz, who hit the ball and hit the defender to serve him and bounce him again in front of the goal and hit the ball of Forster’s brilliance and pushed it away before it reached Liao, but he placed it next to the left post.

Tottenham almost took the lead in the 64th minute, after a ball dispersed by Milan’s defense to reach the border of the area to Hoiberg, who passed by Tonali and fired a missile shot, Maynan’s brilliance, and pushed it away with his limbs to a corner.

Milan’s response came quickly, and after two minutes of a ball between Liao and Theo, the Portuguese set off and passed the ball to reach the end of it to Jiro, who hit a ball into the goal, which was saved by Forster, to keep his team’s hopes alive.

Harry Kane missed a golden opportunity to threaten Milan’s goal after a cross was turned by the England international with a header that passed by the goal.

Tottenham defender Christian Romero received the second yellow card in the 77th minute, after a violent interference with Theo Hernandez, so the referee declared the red card and Spurs completed the match with 10 players.

In the minute (90 + 3), Tottenham got a free kick that Kane executed with an excellent cross inside the area, to be met by Kane with a perfect header on the goal.

Milan responded at the same moment with a counterattack through Theo Hernandez, who cut a long distance to pass the ball to Origi, who hit a ball with his left foot that hit the left post and rebounded into the hands of goalkeeper Forster.

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