Milan’s 4-0 Win Over Napoli in Calcio’s 28th Round

Goals: Napoli – AC Milan – Played on 04/02/2023

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Milan vs Napoli in Calcio’s 28th Round

Milan Dominates Napoli with a 4-0 Win in Calcio’s 28th Round

Milan showed an impressive performance and defeated Napoli by four goals at Diego Armando Maradona on Sunday evening. The Rossoneri quartet demonstrated their dominance in the game by scoring two goals each, with Rafael Leao in the 17th and 59th minutes, Ibrahim Diaz in the 25th minute, and Alexis Salemekers in the 67th minute.

Napoli Suffers its Heaviest Defeat at Home in Calcio

According to the Squaca stat istics network, Napoli’s recent loss is its heaviest defeat at home in Calcio since 23 years ago. The team experienced a similar outcome in October 2000, with a major loss against Bologna (5-1).

Milan Jumps to Third Place in the Standings

With this triumph, Napoli’s standing balance froze at 71 points, which is 16 points behind runner-up Lazio. In contrast, Milan’s win allowed them to advance to third place in the standings with a total of 51 points. The impressive victory puts Milan in a strong position for the remainder of the season.

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