On the night of Haaland’s glow… City invades Leipzig with an insulting seven

Goals:Manchester City – RB Leipzig – Played on 03/14/ 2023

Manchester City swept its guest Leipzig 7-0, this evening, Tuesday, in the match that was held at the Etihad Stadium, in the second leg of the Champions League final price.

Manchester City scored seven, Erling Haaland scored five in the minutes (22-24-45-54-57), Ilkay Gundogan in the minute (49), and Kevin De Bruyne (90).

With that result, City qualified for the quarter-finals, after the first leg ended in a draw (1-1).

City started the match strongly in the 3rd minute after De Bruyne sent a cross towards Gundogan, who was uncensored inside the area, to hit a direct ball that went over the crossbar.

City wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 11th minute, after Aki sent a longitudinal through ball from the midfield, to reach Haaland, who singled out Blasevich, hitting a ball from inside the area, which was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Manchester City got a penalty kick in the 21st minute, after referring to the var technique, which showed Rodri’s header colliding with Hinrich’s hand.

Haaland successfully executed the penalty kick in the 22nd minute, with a powerful ground shot to the left of the goalkeeper.

And soon Haaland added the second goal in the 24th minute after De Bruyne hit a missile from outside the area that hit the crossbar, and the Norwegian followed it up with a header from inside the area that hit the net.

Haaland almost signed the hat-trick in the 31st minute, with a powerful shot from inside the area, Blasevich shone in tackling it.

Rodri made a mistake in passing the ball into the area in the 35th minute, so Laimer killed it and passed it directly to Werner alone with Ederson, but he did not control his shot, which went out to a goal kick.

City’s crawl towards Leipzig’s goal continued, with De Bruyne executing a deceptive foul in the 39th minute, passing a quick ground ball to Gundogan inside the area, who hit a powerful ball that Blasvic shone in tackling it.

Halland signed the hat-trick already in the second minute of stoppage time after Diaz rose to cross with a header that hit the post, and Hydara tried to remove it from the goal line, but it collided with the Norwegian’s foot and settled into the net, to end the first half with three clean goals for City.

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Manchester City scored the 5th goal early in the second half, with a ground shot from Gundogan from inside the area, which hit the net.

The goal festival continued, with City adding the 5th goal in the 54th minute, after Haaland followed a pass into the area, hitting a header that was blocked by the goalkeeper first before the Norwegian followed it up with another shot into the net.

Haaland scored his 5th and 6th goal for City in the 57th minute, after Akanji followed a cross inside the area, hitting a direct ball that Blasevich blocked first and the Norwegian converted it with a shot into the net.

The match calmed down in the following minutes, before Leipzig appeared in a rare offensive attempt in the 79th minute, with a shot from Silva from outside the area, which passed next to the post.

City returned to the attack with a header from Akanji in the 82nd minute, it reached easily in the hands of Blasvic, and De Bruyne completed the seven for City, with a distinctive curved shot from outside the area that hit the net in the second minute of stoppage time.

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