Portugal sweeps Switzerland with six goals and faces Morocco in the quarter-finals

#Portugal – #Switzerland – Played on 12/ 06/ 2022

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Portugal completed the qualifiers for the quarter-finals of the World Cup Qatar 2022, after sweeping Switzerland in the final price, with a score (6-1), this evening, Tuesday, at Lusail Stadium.

Sixth Portugal Gonzalo Ramos scored in minutes (17-51-67), Pepe (33rd sq), Rafael Guerrero (55th sq), and Rafael Liao (92s), while Switzerland scored the only goal, Manuel Akanji (58s).

Portugal thus set a date in the quarter-finals with Morocco, in the match that will be held at Al-Thumama Stadium on the 10th of this December.

Portugal succeeded from the first opportunity in the match, opening the scoring in the 18th minute, after Ramos received a pass inside the area from Felkis, to hit a powerful ball that entered the net.

Portugal woke up after the goal and almost added the second in the 22nd minute, by preparing the ball from Ramos on the edge of the penalty area for Ottavio, to hit a powerful ball that Sumer caught.

Ramos then received a through ball to manipulate Bashar and hit a weak ball from outside the area, which was caught by the Swiss goalkeeper.

Switzerland formed its first danger in the match in the 30th minute, from a violation committed by Shakiri, who shot a direct ball, Costa excelled in repelling it to a corner kick.

Portugal managed to add the second goal in the 33rd minute, with Pepe going up from a corner kick, hitting a powerful header that hit the net.

And Switzerland searched to reduce the difference in the 38th minute, starting with Fernandez from the right side, sending a cross that Costa missed so that Frieler hit a weak header, which Dalot managed to remove before it entered the net.

Portugal missed a definitive opportunity to score the third in the 43rd minute after Fernandez sent a magic pass to Ramos, who was alone with Sumer and hit a ball, the Swiss goalkeeper shone in stopping it.

In the third minute of stoppage time, Guerrero hit a ball from outside the area, which went wide of the goal, to end the first half, with Portugal advancing with two goals without a response.

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Ramos scored the third goal in the 51st minute after Dalot sent a cross from the right side, which Ramos followed with a direct shot that passed through Sumir’s feet and into the net.

Portugal’s goal festival continued with the addition of the fourth goal in the 55th minute, with a magic pass from Ramos to Guerrero inside the area, to separate Sumir and hit a powerful ball that hit the net.

And Switzerland succeeded in reducing the difference in the 58th minute, with Akanji following up a cross from a corner kick at the far post, shooting uncontrollably into the net.

Ramos scored the hat-trick in the 67th minute, after receiving a magic pass from Felix Linfred Basumer and hitting a distinctive lob that hit the net.

After his descent, Ronaldo tried to leave the mark, by executing a free kick in the 77th minute, hitting a direct ball that hit the wall.

In a rare offensive appearance for Switzerland, Empolo hit a scissor from the edge of the area, which passed next to the post in the 80th minute.

Xhaka followed it up with a cross from a corner kick, hitting a header in the 81st minute, which went over the crossbar.

Ronaldo scored a goal from a run from the middle of the field, but it was canceled for being in an offside position at the beginning of the game.

Liao scored the sixth goal for Portugal in the second minute of stoppage time, with a distinctive curved shot from the left side of the penalty area that hit the net, to end the match with Portugal winning (6-1).

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