Real Madrid”‘ defeats Levante

Real Madrid defeated Levante 6-0 in the 36th round of the La Liga on Thursday evening.

Watch now Real Madrid”‘ vs Levante goals

Real Madrid"'

In the 45th, 68th, and 83rd minutes, Vinicius scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid,

while Mendy, Benzema, and Rodrygo scored in the 13th, 19th, and 34th minutes,

Real Madrid increased its lead to 84 points at the top of the table, while Levante’s score

remained unchanged at 29 points at the bottom.

Real Madrid applied pressure early on, but Al-Abyad scored the first goal in the 13th minute

through Mendy, who collected a pass from Modric and sprinted off to dribble past goalie

Kardenis and into the net.

Fede Valverde hit the right post with a powerful shot in the 16th minute.

In the 19th minute, Benzema added a second goal after receiving a cross from Vinicius inside

the box and heading a header into the net.

Vinicius would have scored in the 21st minute if goalie Cardenes had not shone and diverted

the ball into a corner.

However In the 34th minute, Rodrygo scored off a corner kick collected by Modric and delivered

inside the box to Rodrygo, who blasted straight into the net.

Moreover Vinicius Junior added the fourth goal with a hard shot that the goalkeeper couldn’t stop, and Meringue led by a clean four goals at halftime. With the start of the second half, Real Madrid proceeded to try to extend the lead with shots from Vinicius and Rodrygo.
Bardi of Levante struck the crossbar in the 46th minute.
After a fantastic assist from Karim Benzema, Morales blasted a ball beyond the right post of Real Madrid’s goal in the 52nd minute. Vinicius Junior scored the fifth goal for Real Madrid in the 68th minute.

Certainly, Real Madrid maintained control until Vinicius scored a hat-trick and Real Madrid’s sixth goal in the 83rd minute, when he received a pass from Jovic that was peculiar to the goalie and pushed the ball into the net.

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