Real Madrid survives the surprises of the King’s Cup

Watch Real Madrid goals Elche 2-1

Watch Real Madrid goals Elche 2-1

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Real madrid | the King’s Cup

Eden Hazard led Real Madrid to a 2-1 victory over Elche, Thursday evening, and crossed the King’s Cup quarter-finals.

He scored for Real Madrid, Isco, and Hazard in the 108th and 115th minutes, while Verdo scored the goal of Elche in the 103rd minute.

Elche started the match by putting pressure on the guests, as Gossan took advantage of Marcelo’s mistake and sent a ball to Carrillo, who hit the crossbar in the 11th minute.

The response came quickly from Real Madrid through Camavinga, with a powerful shot from outside the area, which passed by the right post in the 12th minute.

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Elche striker Carrillo continued to waste chances, and from a cross from the left side, it reached him inside the area, but he headed a header that was blocked by Lunin in the 25th minute.

Carrillo almost opened the scoring for his team in the 27th minute, with a header inside the area that Andrei Lunin saved.

Vinicius Junior went on the left side, and penetrated the Elche penalty area after evading the defense, but hit the crossbar in the 38th minute.

Vinicius passed a cross to his colleague Camavinga inside the area, who shot from one touch into the hands of Elche goalkeeper Axel Werner.

Camavinga tried to shoot on the edge of the penalty area, but the ball was not strong enough, and Axel Werner saved it twice, in the 43rd minute.


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With the beginning of the second half.

Luka Jovic missed the opportunity to advance for Real Madrid in the 47th minute, as he received a cross from Marcelo. And hit the right post of the Elche goal.

Marcelo sent a cross into the area to Vinicius Junior, who failed to touch the ball in the 58th minute.

Elche goalkeeper Axel Werner starred in blocking a powerful shot from Casemiro. Turning it into a corner kick in the 77th minute.

Marcelo passed a ball deep into the penalty area to Vinicius Junior, who hit a weak ground ball into the hands of Elche goalkeeper Werner, in the 81st minute.

Real Madrid’s attempts to snatch the winning goal continued, but to no avail. So the original time ended in a tie, and extra games were resorted to.

The match referee awarded a direct free kick to Elche on the edge of the penalty area. Which was executed by Gumbao from over the human will, but Lunin excelled in stopping it in the 95th minute.

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And the referee famously, the red card in Marcelo’s face, after he obstructed Jose Moriente while he was alone with the ball.

And from a mistake that Elche got, Verdo hit a ball that hit the wall to bounce back to him again, and he hit a ball that hit Ceballos’ foot and made it into the net in the 103rd minute.

Real Madrid managed to return, with an equalizer through Isco in the 108th minute, with a pass inside the penalty area from Casemiro to Ceballos, who hit a ball that hit Isco and into the net.

David Alaba sent a deep ball to Hazard, who took advantage of Werner’s advance and dribbled past him, before hitting the ball in the net, scoring the second goal in the 115th minute.

Elche’s Verdo scored his team’s second goal in the 119th minute, but the match referee canceled it, so Meringue crossed into the quarter-finals.


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