Real Madrid warns Paris Saint-Germain .. and the victim Sociedad

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Real Madrid won a wide victory over its guest Real Sociedad (4-1) in the 27th round of the Spanish League, on Saturday evening.

Real Madrid came from behind with a goal to win, to raise its score to 63 points at the top of the Spanish league standings, and get a strong moral boost before facing Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti did not change his usual method (4-3-3), as he pushed his basic elements, with the exception of Toni Kroos, who missed the match due to injury, to participate in Eduardo Camavinga instead.

On the other hand, Real Sociedad coach Emmanuel Alguacil relied on a 4-4-2 plan, which he did not play much this season, in an attempt to disrupt the keys to Real Madrid’s play, which are usually located on both sides of the field.

Real Madrid possessed the ball from the start of the match, but seemed distracted and unable to break through the solid defensive wall of Real Sociedad, one of whose attacks resulted in a penalty kick, after Dani Carvajal committed a foul on one of the visiting team players inside the area.

Real Sociedad managed to open the scoring in the tenth minute through a penalty kick by specialist Mikel Oirzabal, then their players retreated to block the ports in front of the royal team, with several counter-attacks to consume the energy of the hosts.

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Sociedad ably managed to limit Real Madrid’s strength on the periphery

thanks to the strong defensive performance of full-backs Igor Zubeldia and Andoni Gurosabel, as well as the support they received from midfielders Urzabal and Josepa Zaldoa.

It seemed that the Sociedad players knew the correct way to stop Vinicius Junior, one of Real Madrid’s most active players. Instead of trying to disrupt his quick runs, they let him pass with one or more players committed to positioning well in the center of the penalty area, and removing the crosses he sends to his teammates.

Real Madrid realized that playing on the sides would not be useful

so their players switched to the alternative plan, which is to shoot long shots from outside the penalty area, which resulted in two wonderful goals from Eduardo Camavinga and Luka Modric in the 40th and 43rd minutes.

Real avoided the trap that it fell into several times in the recent past, which is the reassurance of the result after the progress

as its players continued to pressure Sociedad and deprive the guests of breathing by owning the ball in the middle of the field.

Madrid’s successful pressure resulted in a penalty kick, from which Karim Benzema scored a third goal in the 76th minute, to compensate for the cancellation of his two goals in the match.

Real Madrid also found a way to break the defensive siege of the Basque battalion on crosses, and substitute Marco Asensio scored a fourth goal, taking advantage of an elaborate cross that Carvajal sent him from the right side.

It seems that Real Madrid wants to send a message to Paris Saint-Germain before the expected fateful summit, that he does not give up easily and that Lionel Messi and his companions will not come to the “Santiago Bernabeu” for a walk.

Ancelotti also used his five substitutions to pay reserve players, to give the basic elements some rest before the Paris meeting.