Real Madrid – Osasuna – Played on 05/06/ 2023


The Brazilian Rodrigo led his Real Madrid team to victory (2-1) during the match against Osasuna, this evening, Saturday, at the “La Cartuja” stadium, in the final of the King’s Cup of Spain.

Rodrigo Joyce scored Real Madrid’s two goals in the two minutes (2 and 70), to return the King’s Cup to the arms of the Royal Club, which it has been absent for 9 years since its last title in the season (2013-2014).

On the other hand, Lucas Toro scored Osasuna’s only goal in the 58th minute of the match.

With this victory, Al-Merenji reaps its 20th title in the King’s Cup, compensating its fans for its failure to preserve the “La Liga” title, which has become close to its rival Barcelona.

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early target

The match started with early pressure from Real Madrid, which resulted in the first goal with Rodrigo Joyce’s feet in the second minute, after a distinguished individual effort from Vinicius Junior on the left side, and he passed the ball towards his compatriot Rodrigo inside the area, who hit the net.

The response came from Osasuna in the seventh minute, from a corner kick executed by Moncayola inside the area towards Hernandez, who hit a weak header in the arms of Courtois.

And from a direct free kick to Osasuna, the ball reached Toro, who hit a header that passed by the left post of Courtois’ goal in the 15th minute.

Fede Valverde fired a missile at the edge of the area, but it passed over goalkeeper Herrera’s goal in the 21st minute.

Herrera, the goalkeeper of Osasuna, shone in blocking a ground shot from inside the penalty area through Frenchman Karim Benzema, to prevent him from adding the second goal of the Merengue in the 25th minute.


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Abdel Samad Al-Zalzouli almost scored the equalizing goal for Osasuna in the 26th minute, with a distinguished individual effort, and hit a ball had it not been for a save from Carvajal.

The horizontal crossbar prevented David Alaba from adding the second goal for Al-Makli, with a direct free kick in the 32nd minute.

The first half ended with Real Madrid advancing 1-0.

At the start of the second half, Lucas Toro succeeded in scoring Osasuna’s equalizer in the 58th minute, with a ground missile shot at the penalty area border, below the right of goalkeeper Courtois.

Karim Benzema sent a cross from the right side, towards Fede Valverde, who shot very awkwardly inside the penalty area in the 61st minute.

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Royal advance

Rodrigo added Real Madrid’s second goal in the 70th minute. The game started with a powerful shot by Fede Valverde at the border of the area, hitting Osasuna’s defense to reach Rodrigo, who took advantage of the opponent’s defense error and put it in the net.

David Alaba headed a ball that went over the horizontal bar in the 78th minute.

Antonio Rudiger almost scored the third goal for Al-Merenji, with a powerful header from inside the area, which passed over goalkeeper Herrera’s goal in the 86th minute.

And the control of the Meringue continued until Los Blancos were crowned with the title that had been absent from its coffers for more than 8 years.

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