Rest! Win a dull Madrid


Real Madrid – Cadiz FC – Played on 11/ 10 2022

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  • Four. Five’Rest at the Santiago Bernabéu! Real Madrid, hardly shining, left with a narrow victory thanks to Militao’s header. Cádiz had personality and even scared with a couple of long shots. One of them hit the Courtois crossbar. The whites also tried from afar, but Modric and Valverde were less in tune than on other days.
  • Four. Five’Uuuuuuuuu Fali! Zapatazo from very far away that made the ball go from the bottom up until it came out very close to the crossbar.
  • Four. Five’Two minutes added.
  • to Cadiz
  • Ruben Nephew
  • Forward
  • 44’Sobrino knocked Militao down with a slap to the face and saw a new yellow card. The fifth already of the party.
  • 42’Alejo’s dangerous center that Courtois blocked with a good stretch.
  • 40’Militao overtakes Madrid! Kroos, after a corner, put her second to the area, where Militao broke from behind and, completely alone, headed into the back of the net.
  • 40’Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal from Madrid!
  • to Real Madrid
  • D. Praise
  • Defending
  • 37’Yellow to Alaba for a hard tackle on Choco Lozano, which also caused Militao’s card.
  • 3. 4’Lucas Vázquez reached the baseline and took a very dangerous pass that Alcaraz cleared in the area as best he could.
  • 3. 4’Vinicius protests at every foul. They hunted him down again and he complained again.
  • 32’Corner that Modric took and that Conan Ledesma cleared with his fists.
  • 30’Very soft shot from Rodrygo first that dies in the hands of Conan.
  • to Real Madrid
  • Vinicius jr.
  • Forward
  • 28’Vinicius and Fali each see a yellow after facing each other after Valverde’s shot. The Brazilian criticized the defender for hitting Rodrygo without the ball in the previous play.
  • 27’Fueeeeeeeeeera Valverde! From the peak of the area, the Uruguayan looked for the far post with a dry shot that went wide.
  • 25’Tchouaméni finished the play with a shot from the edge of the box, after a good recovery by Vinicius, who went wide.
  • 25’Modric made a dangerous pass to the small area that Conan cleared with a slap that ended up moving the defense away.
  • 24’Lucas Vázquez dropped his elbow to the chest of a rival who put his arms into him while pressing him. In the end, it is missing and nothing more.
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  • 23’First corner of the match. Kroos took it out and the Cádiz defense cleared it.
  • 22’Madrid is still very thick. Alejo is giving a job to a Mendy who puts out the fire as best he can.
  • to Real Madrid
  • Eder Militao
  • Defending
  • 19’Yellow for Militao, who grabbed Choco Lozano when he wanted to mount a counterattack.
  • 18’Bitten shot by Kroos from the front that, after bouncing, ended up tame in Ledesma’s hands.
  • 17’Deep ball that Vinicius did not reach, by far. Blocked Conan.
  • 14’Madrid cannot get close, for the moment, with danger to the Cádiz area. In fact, the yellows have already created more danger with that whiplash from Pacha Espino.
  • 12’To the long distance Cádiz! Espino, from about 30 meters, unleashed a right hand that hit the top of the crossbar and went for a goal kick.
  • eleven’Vinicius ran over Alejo and there will be a dangerous free kick for Cádiz.
  • 9’It was Modric! He stood 20 meters from the goal and, with his right, looked for a squad that he narrowly missed.
  • 6’Mendy covered the run of an Alejo who narrowly missed a long ball that went over the baseline.
  • 4’Rodrygo’s shy shot from the edge that Conan caught low without any problems.
  • two’Mendy left it to Tchouaméni at the edge of the area and the Frenchman, with a more than faulty shot, had the first for Madrid.
  • 1’Start the game!

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