Roma enters the golden square with a difficult victory over Juventus

Goals: AS Roma – Juventus – Played on 03/05/2023

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Roma snatched a difficult victory from its guest, Juventus (1-0), at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital, as part of the 25th week of the Italian League.

Gianluca Mancini scored the only goal of the match in the 53rd minute.

With his victory, Rome rose to fourth place with 47 points, expelling Milan, who fell to fifth place with the same number of points, while Juventus’ balance froze at 35 points in eighth place.

The first minutes of the match witnessed attempts that did not rise to a danger on both goals, amid shots from the players of the two teams, but the defense was on the lookout for it and intercepted it before it reached the two goalkeepers.

Dybala almost advanced to Roma in the 27th minute, after he fired a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area, which Chesney brilliantly removed from his goal.

Seconds later, Kostic launched on the left side in a quick counterattack for Juve, passing the ball to Di Maria, who slipped on the field to miss an opportunity that almost posed a threat to the Giallorossi goal.

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Locatelli, in the middle of the field of the old lady, tried to decipher the match and fired a missile shot from outside the area in the 42nd minute, but it reached directly into the arms of goalkeeper Patricio.

The most d angerous chance of the match came in the 44th minute, after Danilo crossed from the right to the far left, to be met by Adrien Rabio with a header that touched goalkeeper Patricio and hit the post, before Smalling pushed it away to a corner.

At the beginning of the second half, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri made the first substitution, with Alex Sandro leaving, to pay Leonardo Bonucci instead.

Juventus pressed and took possession of the ball at the beginning of the second half, and in the 51st minute Di Maria, who moved to play on the left wing, passed a cross to pass in front of Vlahovic, who failed to follow it into the net.

In contrast to the course of the match, Roma managed to score a goal in the 53rd minute, after a pass across the field from Cristanti to Mancini, who advanced and fired a missile shot from outside the penalty area to the right of goalkeeper Chesney.

Seconds later, Roma almost added the second goal, following Pellegrini’s pass to Spinazzola on the left, but the latter slowed down, so Cuadrado quickly intervened and pushed the ball away in front of him.

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Juventus got a free kick after blocking Rabio on the border of the area, which Cuadrado hit the right post of goalkeeper Patricio and passed outside the field in the 59th minute.

Zalewski almost cost Roma a goal with great naivety, after a long ball from Bonucci returned it to his goalkeeper Patricio with a short header. Flahovic rushed to touch it before the wolves’ goalkeeper could control it.

Roma continued his positive attempts against Juventus, and from a cross from Pellegrini on the left side, Smalling met her with a header that hit the body of goalkeeper Chesney.

The 75th minute witnessed major objections from the Roma players and the coaching staff, after Kostic’s violent intervention on Ibanez without a ball, to stop the match and the referee issued a yellow card in the face of the Juventus player.

Three minutes later, Di Maria created a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, Patricio shone and brilliantly turned it into a corner.

The post continued to prevent Juventus from scoring after a corner obtained by the Bianconeri was carried out on the boat post to touch the head of Roma defender Mancini and collide with the post again.

Fabio Maresca, the referee of the match, made the most famous direct red card in the face of Moise Kean, the Juventus striker, who participated only a few seconds ago, due to his attack on Mancini by kicking him from behind in the 90th minute.

Juventus had a chance to score a fatal goal in the 90 + 7 minute after the defense dispersed the ball, but it reached Danilo inside the area, so he fired a creeping ground shot that Patricio blocked twice.

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