Tactical Analysis: How Real Madrid Beat Chelsea in Champions League Quarter-finals

Goals: Chelsea FC – Real Madrid – Played on 04/18/2023

In a thrilling match, Real Madrid defeated Chelsea 2-0 on Tuesday evening in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. Rodrigo was the hero for Real Madrid, scoring both goals in the 58th and 80th minutes. With the victory, Real Madrid has secured a spot in the semi-finals, having won the first leg at home last week with a clean sheet.

Chelsea Starts Strong, But Real Madrid Takes Control

Chelsea started the match strong, controlling the midfield and nearly scoring in the 10th minute when Kante missed an open opportunity. However, Real Madrid quickly took control and surprised Chelsea with a counterattack in the 20th minute. Rodrigo hit the post with a powerful shot, and Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois dominated a long-range shot from Thiago Silva in the 23rd minute.

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Real Madrid’s Defense Shines, Vinicius, and Rodrigo Cooperate

Real Madrid’s defense continued to hold strong, with David Alaba pushing away a dangerous cross from Reece James in the 36th minute. Meanwhile, Vinicius and Rodrigo worked together to create chances on the left side, but their shots failed to find the net. Real Madrid had a chance to take the lead in the 44th minute, but Benzema’s shot was easily blocked by Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga.

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Real Madrid Strikes First with Counterattack

The second half started with Rudiger replacing Alaba in the Real Madrid lineup. Chelsea continued to push forward, but Real Madrid’s defense remained solid. In the 58th minute, Real Madrid struck first with a counterattack that ended with Rodrigo scoring the first goal of the match. Chelsea tried to respond, but Real Madrid’s defense held strong.

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Real Madrid Secures Victory with Second Goal

Real Madrid continued to press forward, and in the 80th minute, they secured their victory with a second goal from Rodrigo. Vinicius launched a powerful attack from the right, passing to Fede Valverde who dodged Thiago Silva before passing to Rodrigo for the goal. Despite some late chances, Chelsea was unable to score, and the match ended with a 2-0 victory for Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid’s victory over Chelsea was hard-fought and well-deserved. With a strong defense and effective counterattacks, Real Madrid was able to secure their spot in the Champions League semi-finals.

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